how to tell someone your pregnant when they had m/c

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Martiespride Posts: 997
Well girls, its coming up to my 12 weeks and hopefully all going well we will be telling our good news at christmas. a friend of mine had a miscarriage last year and is still not pregnant. how do i tell her? she can be very standoffish or strange the past year or so even before m/c, like if something good happens to me she will never get too excited and or congratulate me. sometimes she has a poor way with people. if something good happens to her she always nearly demands a big fuss... so i dont know how to tell her. any advice
angel baby Posts: 78
Just tell her, if she is your friend she will be delighted for you! Ive had three miscarriages and I dont think its up to my friends to be careful around me, its their happy time and as a friend its my job to be there for them! Hopefully this is my time for them to be there for me back.
newone Posts: 1714
Martiespride Posts: 997
Thanks girls, i suppose there is no easy way. l just hope she has a bfp soon.
april09babs Posts: 926
I was in a similar situation lately. A good friend and I conceived around the same time. I was keeping my bfp secret until I got to 12 weeks where as she announced her bfp at 7 weeks, sadly she miscarried at 8.5 weeks. It was so hard. I put off telling people until I was nearly 14 weeks because I hadn't the heart to tell my friend. I told her first and she initially was shocked Ever since she has been great support and is genuinely delighted for me but we do also talk about her lost angel. Its best to be upfront with her and she will naturally be delighted for you
Always hoping Posts: 784
I was in a similar situation before I had my ds. My friend just dropped it into conversation over the phone one day and didn't make a big deal of it. I was squealing with delight for her. I was genuinely over the moon. I was glad she told me over the phone though as I was able to hold it together for her for the duration of the phonecall and then crawl in under my duvet after to have a big cry :o( Her LO is now 6 months older than my ds :lvs