How to tell when you've ovulated?

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jellybaby Posts: 2316
I know that this probably sounds stupid, but how can you tell for sure when you've ovulated? I've been tracking temps, etc using things like, etc which all give estimate OV dates. But both this month and last, I've got different estimated dates to when I thought I was OV. For example, this month, I got an estimated OV of last Weds 15th, but my temp didn't go up until the Friday, so I assumed I had ovulated on Thursday. Sorry for this bit (tmi :oops: ) but I had ewcm on the Mon and a little bit on the Tues, then nothing after that. Is it possible that I would have ovulated on Weds (after cm dried up) and still not had a temperature change until Friday? Thanks :D
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Anybody know? :D
tasket Posts: 306
Hi jellybaby, Hmmm...this is tricky. I think it might be due to your cervical mucous patterns. I think FF & the other tracking programs assume that you ovulate very shortly (i.e., within a day) after your most fertile CM (in your case, EWCM) dries up. So it would have put this down as your estimated ovulation temp. But as I understand it, the thermal shift is the best indicator of ovulation, so I would have thought that once you had three temps above the coverline, it would shift your O date to Thursday to corroborate with your temp shift. I do know that FF can take a few cycles to "get to know" you and your temp and CM patterns, so it may just be a bit confused at the start. I would say to always go with your temp shift above your CM patterns. So, i would say your O date was Thursday. HTH tasket
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Thanks tasket, that makes sense :wink: