how to word a haggling email!

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sonopotere Posts: 1124
with everything that is going on right now ive heard that many people are getting reductions from their suppliers cos of the recession etc. am going to email our hotel now and ask for a reduction in a few areas that they were well over charging for in the first place such as corkage, evening food, rooms, plus a ten % service charge on the full bill. to be honest i know we wont change our hotel if we dont get the reductions but may have to cut back on some of the luxuries they are offering. just wondering how i should word this in an email to them without sounding too nasty or being rude? Dont wanna get on their bad side either!!! What have all you other brides done???
Ralphwiggum Posts: 31
Unfortunately email is not the answer if you are looking to reduce costs. Its very easy for the hotel to pretend it did not receive the email: 'our server was down' etc. You'll need to call to the hotel and be bold i'm afraid. Sorry !!
sonopotere Posts: 1124
What do you say though?! I dont want to be rude, but wanna get my point across without burning bridges???
Cork Oct 08 Posts: 749
When I haggled with our hotel all I said was as the day is getting closer we're trying to get our heads around the cost for the reception and after looking at some of the prices last evening we were wondering if you can do anything on the price of the corkage and etc.... when I did it I only did 2 things at a time, like bar extension and corkage.
LV Posts: 175
Yea, I would just say that with the current economic climate that you have been reviewing your budget and would like to see if the hotel could do anything for you on corkage, service charge or whatever it is. Also if they are making you pay a service charge I would get confirmation from them on how many servers you will have per table etc. If they are including service charge make sure you will have enough servers to make sure everyone get served food at the same time. Nothing worse than some people being half way through their meal when others are still looking at empty plates!! We negotiated with our hotel and was able to reduce the package by €15 per head, it all helps. Remember it is a buyers market at the moment and 2009 prices have changed dramatically from 2008. Good luck LV
overthemoon! Posts: 1479
I would def give them a buzz instead of an email. Put them on the spot by ringing up!!!
looey Posts: 624
Well I assume you have already entered into contract, so for best effectiveness you should approch them with costs from an alternative venue. Also go in person with these costs down on paper. Do your homework in order to get the best prices. You would have to take the following into account when laying down your case. I know you don't want to change venue but pretend that you are really considering the alternative venus. Say the other venue has a date available for you and that you would prefer to stay with this venue, as you really like the place, but given your current financial situation the opposition are offering you more for the same money. Make sure you get costs down on paper from the opposition to show the person you are haggeling with. I am sure with proof like this on paper they will be willing to negoiciate. As you know you would probably loose your deposit by switching, illustrate that you know this, but also point out that by switching hotel you would still be saving more even with the loss of the deposit. Approach with care, compliment them on their venue, tell them you really like it, but stress the costs being a problem. Hope this helps, and I hope I make sense.