How to word the "no photos on social media" request

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butlerf Posts: 57
Hi all I'm not looking to open up the debate on whether its OTT to ask your guests to refrain from posting wedding pictures on social media (there are plenty of interesting and hotly debated threads on here on that already!). What I am asking is for those of you asking people not to post pics: [b:1bn43rh5] how are you wording it on your wedding stationery to say that you dont want people to post pics on social media?[/b:1bn43rh5] Our tone of voice throughout our stationery is light-hearted so we are hoping to come up with something to blend in with this. Thanks, butlerf
Dolally Posts: 394
' We would like to be the first to share their photos with loved ones who are absent today, and are asking guests to kindly refrain from postng photos of the wedding party until the professional photos have been shared.”
T2015 Posts: 42
Xx and xx respectfully request that all guests honour the sanctity of this special day and refrain from posting any pictures on social media sites. Thank you for understanding xx
Weird Cat Lady Posts: 3501
Something friendly and subtle. "If anyone is suspected of plastering photos from our day on social media, their equipment will be confiscated and they will be locked in the bridal suite bathroom for the remainder of the day with an egg and onion sandwich for company and Enya piped through the speakers on loop. Plaster at your peril xxxxx"
secretbridie Posts: 359
We had an insert in the invitations which read: While we hope you will all take lots of photos of our special day, we politely request that none of these photographs are uploaded to facebook or any similar site. Many thanks, XXX & XXX
Wedding Cars Ireland Posts: 1970
Hi, Even before your guests see you, don't forget to ask the same of your make-up artist, hairdresser and other suppliers also. They love to show off their work! Best wishes, [i:1tpmebhi]The Getaway Team.[/i:1tpmebhi]
Lainey80 Posts: 70
THis is what we put in our invites: We are delighted to have our friends and family here with us today to share in our special day, but, we would ask you to please refrain from posting any pictures on social media as it would scupper our deal with “Hello” magazine :) Please feel free to take many photos and share them with us personally for our wedding album. Thanks, Bride and Groom
butlerf Posts: 57
These are brilliant, thanks for the tips guys. I particularly like the reference to Hello magazine and the threat of Enya-related violence!
stinkle Posts: 142
I wasnt keen on the whole thing being up on fb but we didnt include it on our invites cos I wasnt that organised! We did set up a photosharing app that our guests could upload pics to and it worked really well. If youre more organised than me set it up before the invites go out and post the info with the invites (might soften the "no facebook" aspect). As it was, we were gonna print out the details and leave them on seats in the venue but again, never got round to it! At that stage I no longer cared. Happily only one person put any pics on fb, we just spread the word about the app the day after. For me, I knew I'd be desperate to see pics and having them all in one place meant everyone could see each others even if they didnt know each other before. Most of our guests were very respectful and asked if we wanted pics on fb so maybe people are learning to ask before hitting "upload".
mrsxtobe Posts: 198
It's also a good idea to change your Facebook settings so people can't tag you in photos. That way if someone does put photos up at least they won't be all over your newsfeed.