How was Slane?

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Shrub Posts: 956
Well was it good? Did it rain? Who else was playing? :thnk
Brideofthedecade Posts: 587
We only went in for the STones really, and I was queueing at the damn bar until they really came on stage. Apparently with the rain no one was there for the earlier acts anyway. It didnt rain later on but the whole place was a bit of a mud fest! The STones were okay - we were right at the back and the sound wasn't great - apparently it was better down the front. I always think Slane is quite badly organised - for instance, the security people are usually all over the place - there was nearly a riot at the toilets when they didn't let anyone through. And the stupid bar was shut at 8.45pm! Havign said all that, I had a great time! :o0
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
Thought it was great, Stones were much better than we expected them to be. We had a great view and werent too far from the stage. The muck was sh*te ! Didnt see any of the other bands, was in one of the pubs in slane village until half seven. I heard that the Charlatans were useless... All in all had a great day - and didnt get one bit wet !! :o0
meowwww Posts: 295
charlatans werent great at all, very funny watching the older generation slipping down mudslides after their pints of wine!! There was q's for everything before the stones came on food and drinks. I dont see why they cant have recycable cardboard drinks holders pints were pouring everywhere coming back from the bar. The sound was awful when the stage split in 2 but they ut on a great show.