how was your weekend

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chick2012 Posts: 584
Hi all, how was yer weekends?I didnt do much :-8 very lazy! hAd a chinese lst nite and stayed in, didnt ave any vino :eek Mayb tomor night O-O How was yours? :wv
MissBid Posts: 587
Fast!!! One minute its Friday and I'm delighted to be finishing and have loads planned for the weekend. Next thing its nearly 9 on a Sunday night and I haven't even washed my hair! Thats what you get in the weeks coming up to a wedding, I think. Running round at the weekend sorting stuff out and not a minute to sit down...
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Brill was in Westport last night for my hen, I am so wrecked so glad I am off tomorrow!
Tragen Posts: 370
Really quiet! Just back from honeymoon last week, think we are suffering from post wedding exhaustion! sooo tired despite holiday! So nice to not have to do anything! But feel energised after seeing Kilkenny win the All-Ireland!! wahoo!!! :o)ll
elpi Posts: 748
Mine was lovely, felt v long. Went to the cinema, got a hair cut, met up with a friend for coffee, had a massage, lay in until 2 today watching old episodes of cougar town with DH, and spent the rest of the day lazing on the couching watching the all ireland and surfing the net. Pretty perfect weekend actually :o)ll
lucie lu Posts: 760
I'd a very lazy one too, did literally nothing! DH is off on his holidays, so he'd the house all cleaned for the weekend, it was great not having to worry about that! I'm now trying to eat as much rubbish as I can, have fallen of the healthy eating wagon this last week or so and can feel the jeans tightening! But one last night, then healthy healthy! Roll on next weekend!
Jawl Posts: 8881
Fab! :compress Friday got the news my wedding dress came in. So had a few too many vinos with my mam and SIL. She's BM. Just to celebrate, I can see a lot of that being done between now and the wedding :o0 Saturday went shopping with SIL, we got our dresses for the hen weekend! And then went out with Mr. Jawl and his best friend and his family for the friends birthday. We ended up in a gay nightclub, first time in a gay club and I LOVED it, it was fan bloody tastic. If I have a hen night out here, that's where I'm going :) Yesterday had a lie in, then went to my mams for lunch. Brother and SIL and the kids called and we left the men watching the All Ireland and us girls went upstairs and I dressed SIL in her BM dress, feather wrap and shoes and she looked just bloody amazing. It's great to see all my ideas and visions coming together now. Then Mr. Jawl and I went for drinks to finish off the weekend.