HPT-early detection

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Baby Powder Posts: 265
So ladies, am normally regular as clockwork, however period was a day late and lasted only a day and was different to normal? Am wondering if there's any point in testing, and if so, which would be the best test as would be probably quite early?!
atina Posts: 2240
First Response is probably the best for early detection....good luck!
Dovetail Posts: 293
Superdrug tests are reputedly great for early detection too and a lot cheaper than big brand tests
Baby Powder Posts: 265
Thanks to you both, did a test but was negative. Feeling a bit hmmph, no period, exhausted, bloated, incredibly sore back and can't figure out why. Might wait and test again in a few days.
sophiemae Posts: 109
Hi baby powder, I used the Tesco own brand and got my bfp before my due date. They are a lot cheaper, which is handy if you end up doing a few x
HeatherF Posts: 105
+1 on the Tesco tests. I have found them very sensitive. The line is VERY faint - just a shadow really, but they are pretty good. And WAY cheaper than testing with FR.