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firefly78 Posts: 312
HI, Will try and keep this short. Started a new job a few months ago but they are dragging their feet making me permanent because of a restructure. Found out last week that I am expecting, we are both delighted but I'm worried about this job situation and money and maternity benefits as we have mortgage etc like most other. Husband enquired in his work yesterday with HR what would happen if I started a new permanenet job in the next few weeks with a 6 month probabtion period and will obviously be noticable in a few months, do they still have to give me the full maternity benefits if I go on maternity leave in late Fabruary next year? His HR said that there is legislation to protect me and they would have to but just wanted a second opinion. I'm only 5 weeks gone so can hide it for a while anyway.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi Its a funny one and depends on the company really. I know that in my last job they would not pay until you had six months service with them but in my current job they pay as soon as you start. But would you already have served this period, if there is one, on your temp contract? Is there no policies and procedures manual in your workplace?
firefly78 Posts: 312
sent you a PM. thanks!
redwifey Posts: 2932
Hi Firefly I am in my current role just under 4 months - joined on a permanent contract but still on my 6 mths probation which will be up at the end of Sept. I know they pay maternity leave to permanent staff so i am assuming I will be ok to get paid as a) i joined on a permanent contract and b) i will be over my 6mths probation when i go on leave. Still feel bad about telling them though as the baby was unplanned and i would hate to think i was pulling a fast one. RW
charli Posts: 5994
my understanding is that: Maternity Benefit - is an entitlement, if you have PRSI contribtions from the previous tax year 2006/2007 i think, so you'll get this if you have been working fulltime. Your employers have to let you take 26 weeks leave plus additional 16 weeks unpaid, without it affecting your job, its legislation so they have to release you and let you come back to same job re Maternity pay top-ups - they dont have to pay, some companies do automiatically, some say you must have 6/12 months service, so dont know about that but defo entitled to mat leave and the benefit from social welfare, unless you are going to run out of contract in the next few months, in which case i suppose they dont have to renew it (whether you are pg or not)
firefly78 Posts: 312
Hiya Redwifey, That's it I don't want to pull a fast one but cannot survive on what Mat benefit is as it is only 280 a week max. My mortgage is 1000 a month (my half) God it's terrible, do we not have enough to worry about! You should be grand though as there is legislation to cover you, that's what we were told yesterday as you are already employed into a premanent role just not finished your probabtion yet.
MrsQ Posts: 36
Hi Firefly and congratulations!! In relation to pay on maternity leave, as had been said earlier, it really depends on the company you work for. Your employer must give you your 26 weeks "paid" leave and 16 weeks "unpaid" leave. What this means is that you can claim from social welfare for 26 weeks. Your company is under no obligation to top this up. I would check your company employee handbook which should tell you what the policy is. Some companies iwill pay benefits but nsist on you being employed with them for a certain amount of time - could be 6 months, could be longer. The last place I worked had no top-up policy but where I work now does after two years of employment with them. Anyway, best of luck with this.
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi I assumed you meant maternity top up payment, as prev said once you pay PRSI you aren entitled to maternity benefit from the Social Welfare> I know it would be REALLY hard for us to cope with just that with the mortgage etc Fingers crossed for you anyhow!