Already posted this in other forums but trying to make as many people aware as possible, if you can please take 5 minutes to read this article ... thics.html Cant believe a price is put on saving poor Kasey Life, we need to try & help this family to raise the money they need to get Kasey the treatment in USA. Ways you can help: 1) Run the mini marathon in aid of Kasey Kelly trust fund 2) Donate online - 3) Donate by text - text KASEY to 57802 - €3.00 per text (1x €2.00 & 1x €1.00) €1.91 ex VAT will go to charity. 18+ 4) instead of wedding favours make a donation 5) donate a spot prize for one of the benefit nights 6) On Facebook post a link to Kasey Kelly trust fund facebook page to make more people aware Appreciate anything you can do! no amount is too small Some WOL suppliers are very kindly in the process of trying to org something else to raise funds, will keep yous posted