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Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Can anyone give me some ideas what to buy my hubbie for his birthday this month.We are going on a weeks holidays the night before it.Hes not into sports at all. Thanks ive no idea (cant wait to buy his first husband birthday card-how sad am i :oops: )
ABILA Posts: 133
What IS he in to? Movies, music, gadgets? Maybe an iPod or some such thing? I wasn't gonna tell anyone this but seeing as you did, I've already bought my h2b's "Husband" christmas card!!!!!! :oops:
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Thanks for the reply, He loves films like me,i refuse to buy him any more dvd's as we have over 70 at the moment just gathering dust on the rack.Hes not an ipod person at all,wouldnt get the time to listen to it....god im so stuck (Thought i was bad christmas card already :lol: )
MrsSan Posts: 475
Is he in to computer games ? maybe the new handhelb PSP ? you can also buy movies for it, v. handy if you're going on the plane. What about car rallying ? I bought hubby a voucher for Mondello one time and he loved it. I can't think of anything else at the moment apart from the usual clothes, cd's, watch, gadgets etc...... Try you might get some ideas there.
2557 Posts: 885
how about some books?? I was in easons over the weekend and they've some fab stuff out. it's all coming out now in time for xmas. I love getting books, I rarely buy as they're so dear sometimes (yes, I'm one of those odd people who still use the library!!) so it's a real treat to get them. (I've just re-read this and I sound so stingy!!! :oops: )
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
I looked at the rallying alright but i doubt if he would use it and we would have to stay a weekend as we are in dublin.I got him a flying lesson last year and he still hasnt used it yet :roll: where can i get those hand held thingys,are you sure you can use them on planes as you cant use gameboys etc anymore.... Hes not into reading at all-god what is he into? :lol: