Hubby lost his ring already!

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lux Posts: 6270
I don't mind because it cost $30 but he's lost the flipping thing and we're married a month! And I told him when it came that it was a bit loose and we should get a smaller one, but he did thte guy thing of "Ah sure its grand, not a bother with it". He does feel weird without it, so we're going to get another one. At least it wasn't expensive!
queen30 Posts: 1551
I'd kill him! make sure he gets the next one the right size!
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Oh no, what a pity. Will he need to get a new one blessed? A friend of mine lost hers a few years back and when she got a new one, she had it blessed....
lux Posts: 6270
We're not religious or particularly sentimental. We didn't have a church wedding so we won't be doing any blessings.
ciaraella Posts: 5323
Men! ah well at least it wasn't too expensive!
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
Men what are they like! Thank god you didn't spend a fortune. The husband of a friend of mine did spend a good bit on the wedding band, over €1000, and 2 weeks after the wedding had to get it cut off because his finger swelled up and he couldn't get it off. :ooh Don't think they spent quite as much when they replaced it :o0 :-8
Dancing Queen Posts: 2591
My brother lost 3 rings in a row. My sis in law was disgusted with him :duh:
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Two of hubby's friends lost theirs on their honeymoon! One swimming in the sea and the other slept in on the last day and left it in the shower of the hotel, and then ran off to get the plane. So I had hubby PLAGUED on honeymoon not to lose his! His wasn't expensive either, only €250 so could deffo be replaced, but it is engraved and we would want to get it blessed again, so it would be a hassle. So far he still has it, two months today!
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
DH still has his *touch wood* But his dad lost his years ago. He works at sea and really can't wear it when on duty so I suppose taking it on and off does mean there is more chance of losing it. I'd hate to lose mine or for him to lose his. They do hold sentimental value to us. I suppose we shouldn't [i:3hcbrlq8]need[/i:3hcbrlq8] a symbol of our union but I'd hate to not have it anymore.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Oh no I'd be so upset if OH lost his, and so would he. We melted my mams ER ring and used the yellow gold in his wedding ring, he designed it himself and was quite fussy about is, so I would hope he'd be more conscious of losing it!