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Synergy Posts: 2768
Can't believe he lost it already Lux although in saying that my OH nearly had to get his cut off him yesterday following a game of tug o' war. Boys eh!
lilybelle Posts: 424
my hubby never even remembers to put it on :o0 he is a farmer and always got his hand in a machine or up a cows bum :eek so in the interest of safety (and cows comfort :o0 ) he only wears it for special occassions but we frequently go out the door without him putting it on. sometimes i put it in my hand bag if i know what i am wearing so it will come with us and give it to him on route. which is what happened the other day we went to a communion and i gave it to him in the car. when we came out of the chapel his SIL was laughing at him he had it on the wrong hand :duh: wearing jewerly is new to him :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: you gotta love him :lvs
lux Posts: 6270
I don't mind if he wears one but he really wants too so I think we'll order another one from the same place. He actually liked wearing it and showing off he is married! I'm just glad we didn't spend more on it, I'd be fuming if it was expensive!
lilybelle Posts: 424
any idea where he lost it lux? like you said at least it wasn't expensive but shame anyway. by the way your wedding photos were fab was looking at them on the other night loved your dress
lux Posts: 6270
Thanks! Its the weirdest thing. He went to bed on Saturday night and we're convinced he was wearing it but on the Sunday morning it was gone! Now we were out for a walk on the Saturday, got home early enough and slumped with a take away (the excitement of married life). So he might have lost it during our walk but I remember holding his ring hand so its all a bit odd! I had a really good look in the house today but nothing!
mamam Posts: 724
My DH is on his 3rd wedding ring O:| The 1st ring was a little big and he was working on a construction site and lost it, 2nd ring he got caught in a rack at work he's now on his 3rd ring and only wears it at the weekends men they are a disaster O:|
lucie lu Posts: 760
Lux same thing happened my DH and his ring. Just a couple of weeks after the wedding. It was missing for about a month, and one day we found it. We were just chatting there and we can't for the life of us remember where we got it! Not much help to you, I know! But don't give up on it just yet. He lost it shortly after again, and found it in a bag of ashes after lighting a fire- men!