Hubbys birthday present dilema

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Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Hubbys birthday is coming up very soon, and I've just had an idea for his present - but there's a biiiiiiiig problem. He can see all of our accounts, so he can see what goes in and out of them. I got him a small present already, but I had to get a friend to buy it for me, and I was able to give him the money for it. Hubby knew I was taking cash out of our account that day, so he didn't suspect a thing - but he would've been asking questions if he'd seen a transaction for ebay. The problem with this present, is that it's a larger amount. I can't get someone else to buy it on my behalf, because he'd still see €125 going from the account, and I'd hate him to know how much the present cost - and I could never ask someone to fork out €125, even though they'd be getting the cash back. Any suggestions?
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Could you withdraw smaller amounts over a few days? Or take more out in one go and say it's for his present plus some shopping or whatever, so he won't know the total spent on it?
holyshitballs Posts: 851
I agree with Rocksie, I would just take the money out with some extra to fudge the figure a bit. He has to know that you are planning to buy him something so he shouldn't be questioning too much. It's not like it's a surprise to him his birthday is coming up!
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
Ooh I like the present + "shopping" idea.....maybe...... HSB, so many of his presents, wether it's Christmas or birthday, are not surprises - he's so damn hard to buy for!!!!! He's a fussy git, so he always has to tell me what he'd like, maybe a suggestion or two, and that's as far as I can get with a surprise present. Men!!!! :duh: :duh: :o0
vidia Posts: 2960
This is why I could never be without my own money/account... I agree with the others, withdraw a couple of different amounts..
Littleoeuf Posts: 131
You could do some of it as cashback when doing the supermarket shoppng maybe?? Just a particularly expensive shop this week!!
FastLane Posts: 252
[quote="vidia":34zqwccq]This is why I could never be without my own money/account...[/quote:34zqwccq] +1 I know all couples are different and it obviously works for you guys (present shopping excepted!) but I think I'll always have my own account so I can buy shoes or make-up or other frivolities without having to tell anyone! I definitely think the present + shopping or cash back options are best, I'm sure he'll love the surprise anyway and won't be thinking of how you bought it when he gets it!
zoesmama Posts: 2774
I am a SAHM with no Income of my own and we have a joint account but we each have separate Credit Cards which are cleared each month from the Joint Account. We both put things like Diesel, Grocery etc on them. So as long as my Bill isn't huge DH wouldn't know how much any gift would cost and same for me. Obviously we know when each others Birthdays are coming up so we know that there will be a higher bill from one of us at that time but not the exact amount spent. Now I know that might not be any help to you now. I would just take out a little extra and get cash back etc and then for the balance tell him you are getting his present. He knows that you have to get him something. Maybe in future you could get a pre paid Visa and pay a little into it each week and then when it comes to buying him gifts you would already have the money put away. For those who say that they could never be without their own money, sometimes that is just not possible. For it to make financial sense for us right now for me to work any job would have to cover Childcare and other expenses ie commuting costs etc. I am however v lucky with my DH. He never questions my spending. He understands that I get my hair done every 8 weeks, that I need make up from time to time, that I buy clothes and shoes as needed and in return I am not extravagant. He also knows approx how much these things cost so it's not an issue between us.
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
We have our own accounts, a joint account, and credit cards each (damn you celtic tiger!! :duh: ) I was talking to him over the weekend about his present. I explained that I had made sure I had a present to open on the day, and that was already sorted. He's said he's fine with getting the bigger present after the holiday. I'll be getting paid 2 days after we get home, so it would be easier to pay for it. I told about not wanting him to see how much I paid for it, so I think he's happy enough to go along with the "take extra money out, to disguise the real amount". I'll take it out and get my sister to get it for me, as the place seems to be only a short distance from her house, but I'd give her the cash beforehand of course. Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated as always.
Anahita Posts: 1161
Can you not pay for it from your own account then? We have a joint ac that we both pay into for bills and mortgage, we just about put in the amount we need to cover those bills so neither of us can take cash from that for anything else or we'd be short. However we have our own accounts so thats grand. But if we both put all our wages into a joint account I wouldn't be happy with DH querying me over €125. Unless we were on a strict budget and risked missing the mortgage or something.