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MrsWhippy09 Posts: 2346
Let her off. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise as now you have a BM who is offering to help you lots! O:o) You've been a lady about the whole thing, fair play to you for keeping your cool with her. Dont even think about her and enjoy the run up to your big day! *)
emlo Posts: 1506
Nice one. Problem solved! Fair play to you for being so calm through all this. It'll be interesting to see though if she ends up staying in the lodge with her family anyway. I really can't see a family member travelling 3 hours there and 3 hours back for a wedding.
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
Fair play to you on how you managed things. She sounds like a bit of a drama queen. Does she often try to make situations all about her somehow? Or perhaps she likes to play the martyr and is always talking about how hard life as a single parent is even if she's rejecting help offered? Eitherway, by choosing another BM instead you put an end to that.
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
So is she not coming to the wedding at all? I don't really understand it? She would hardly miss the whole wedding just because she is "broke"?? If she is still coming would she not have still been able to be a BM? She needs to pay for the room whether she is a BM or just a guest, No?? Just a bit confused about that part, I have to say though she is a right little madam for doing that to you and now it seems she has totally cut off her nose to spite her face. I bet she is raging that she let it go this far, she probably totally thought you would back down. Fair play to you for not giving in. She deserves it and you deserve a decent BM!
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
I honestly feel that if she was a true friend, she would have a few nights at home to save the cash for your special day. True friends put other's needs before their own. She must appreciate that it is rarely the case the bride and groom are in a financial position to fund all the BMs hotel rooms... she is being unrealistic
Briony Posts: 185
[quote="tiredbride":vuoqg70j]Do you know if we were in the USA the bridal party even buy their own outfits. The american ladies here in work couldn't believe I was buying the outfit/shoes etc!!! Should have gotten them to be BM's!!!!![/quote:vuoqg70j] I know! I got caught for this. I bought my own dress (and half towards my sister's who was in college at the time and broke), my own make up, hair, tan, shoes, everything. It cost me a fortune so I didn't get them any present - something they brought up a few months after. O:|
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
Leave her to sort it if you still want her as BM involve her in plans by just telling her what's happening. Trust me she sounds like the type of person that couldn't handle NOT having some big part to play on the day. Like you siadk she can go out most weekends
sciencegirl Posts: 428
Is she still coming to the wedding? Has she not bitten off her nose cos now she'll have to get an outfit if she attends the wedding? Guarantee that she'll regret what she has done... silly cow
mrssirfoxie Posts: 379
i am sorry to hear that she has behaved like this but you were right to stick to your guns on this she has had plenty of time to save up the price of the room she wants and you must not feel guilty over it she has made her bed now let her lie in it, good luck with having your cousin instead i know you will have a good day don't let this upset spoil your day good luck with it all :wv
Niamhlily Posts: 27
Ladies thank you all for your comments! It has been a real help! To answer some of your questions, i have no idea if she is still coming to wedding. She did say on Saturday that IF she was coming she will drive up and down on the one day!! i haven't seen her face to face since all this kicked off so I am not 100% sure what the deal is?? To be honest i dont care and my amazing H2B has been great and said the ball is in her court now we are not going to beg her to go!! If she decides to go and magically finds the money to stay it should be fun!! Because i have booked out the whole hotel and all lodges under my name and anyone wanting to book has to contact me!! AH THE POWER!! it has been a tough few days and i am still very hurt and angry but you all made me see that it wasn't my or H2B fault!! Thank you :thnk