Huge spider - feel sick :(

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Asscher Posts: 732
I was getting ready for work this morning and sat on the edge of the bath while I put on some moisturiser. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something and thought the wall was marked so bent down for a look. I nearly passed out. It was one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen. I swear it was like a tarantula. Poor DH was on nights and I had to wake him up to get it. I said now don't be angry I'm waking you up but I need you to get rid of a spider. Normally he gets a bit annoyed when I make a song and dance about spiders but he said he didn't blame this time he was so big. I gave him an old cotton bud tub to catch him in and he was looking through the lid at him saying oh god you can even see the pincher things on the front of him. Now I am in work and I can't get it out of my head and it's making me feel sick. Has anybody got those things you plug in that are supposed to keep crawlies out of your house? Do they work?
SparkleX Posts: 1057
Ugh...I feel your pain...They seem to get bigger and uglier every year. I was going to bed the other night and went to pull the curtains. There was a massive hairy monster on the wall behind one curtain. Well the scream I let out of me must have woken half the neighbourhood. I could hear hubbie laughing downstairs but when he saw the creature he admitted he was a huge one. Wanted to check out those plug in things too. Have mostly heard that they don't work, but think I will try one anyway. Hope you have recovered from your trauma :)
Babyboomerang Posts: 543
*shiver* Yuck, I HATE spiders, I know how you're feeling. Hubby thinks I'm mad cos every room I go into I do a scan of all corners. It's totally subconsious at this stage, but I can't stand creepy crawlies. Hope the memory fades soon. Try to get out at lunchtime for a walk or something, it might help clear your mind.
katgirl Posts: 1258
ugh they are horrible arnt they, one of these hairy beasts ran across my sitting room floor the other night , even the dog legged it and he normally chases them or plays with any crawlies in the house, but it went in under the fire place and i coudlnt find it, i couldnt rest easy the rest of the evening and kept seeing things moving from the corner of my eye, i honestly think they have gotten so much bigger in the past few years and its not just girly histeria, im blaming the warm wet summers its almost like a tropical country now over here we have a rainy season (summer) and a dry season (winter) and nothing in between so the crawlies are growing to huge preprotions :o(
Asscher Posts: 732
Katgirl I agree with you about the climate making them bigger. I am glad it's gone cos I just couldn't have gone into the bathroom again knowing it was there. The only thing is I always think if there is one there has to be more. I always use cream or white bed sheets and pillow cases so I can do a quick scan before bed to see if there is anything lurking!
abouttime Posts: 492
i hate spiders too, i was at work last week and a huge one scurried across the floor and stopped right in front of me, :eek :eek i was standing on a chair shooing him but he refused to move. eventualy had to get down and get a sweeping brush and shoo him away with that, he came out to say hello a few other nights since that too ....still dont like him. .....yeck!! give me a mouse any day over a spider.
There was the biggest one ever in our downstairs toilet on Saturday, just sitting there on the hand towel. Luckily I seen it on the way in or would have washed my hands and it would probably have fell on me and I would have died! I dazed it with tonnes of fly spray, probably almost poisioned myself I sparyed so much, then knocked it to the floor and threw a massive book on it. Shut the door and waited for husband to come home and remove the body. Sorry if there are any spider lovers out there. If it was a normal size I would have let it live but it was huge and I would not rest knowing it was in the house somewhere.
Glitzy Posts: 22
Ah girls i know how you feel. The other night there was a HUGE one in the sitting room :ooh H2B got up to go the kitchen and screamed i jumped off the chair thinking something happened but there was this big enormous spider on the floor :eek i dont like them at all but H2B is terrified so i had to be brave and give him a slipper to the head!! :action34
hils138 Posts: 680
I heard ya!! I was curled up on the couch the other day bfing DS with a rug on my lap. Next time this THING started crawling towards me on the rug! Well, I lost it!! I jumped up, still with DS attached to my boob and ran into the kitchen shaking. My DH was out so I went upstairs and stayed there until DH came home. Still not comfortable in the sitting room as the vile creature hasn't been caught.
scoutf Posts: 667
Since we appear to have plenty of arachnophobes among us if anyone has any tips, like the chestnut thing, for keeping them out why not post em up? I hate the [email protected] but I don't like to kill em. I saw in, of all places, the Betterware catalogue today that you can get a spray for putting around doors and windows to keep them out.