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Caity-2015 Posts: 5
Hi ladies, We want to get married this year and ideally have a humanist ceremony in the same venue as the Reception but of the 18 in Ireland 14 are fully booked and only 2 have a couple of dates which are all in November and we don't want to wait until then so...who knows of an alternative option as I can't seem to get my head around it? We don't want a church or religious ceremony. If at all possible we want the legal aspect to be done at the same time as the ceremony but that is looking slim right now. Can anyone help me with a plan B? Thanks! Caity
Bubbly15 Posts: 14
Hi, Are you getting married at the weekend or during the week? You can have a civil ceremony — but only Monday to Friday. As far as I know all the legalties are done there and then and can be done at your reception venue. Other than that I'm at a loss to help you. We are having a humanist ceremony and struggled to find someone despite the wedding not being until next April and we booked in early January. It's madness. Best of luck.
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
If you contact the guys at they might be able to help you out. I know most people in this situation tend to have a legal wedding one day and then the real wedding with their friends and family another day. It does me that you have a lot more choice with dates and venues. Hope this helps! Sinead
polkadotty Posts: 72
hi if you contact spirtual ceremonies ireland they'll be able to help you. you are legally married on the day and you completely design the ceremony yourself! We have them booked for our wedding next year. best of luck! :)
septembersparkles Posts: 4
My friend was in the same situation. They wanted a humanist wedding but they couldn't get a solemniser who had any dates available. They went with Spiritual ceremony Ireland, and like previous poster , they customised as they wanted it. Celebrant was very flexible with all the elements of the wedding. I've been to a HSE civil ceremony also, and they are quite strict as to what can / cant be included. No mention at all of god in hymns, songs etc. I would thing spiritual would be the best way for you to go.
allsún Posts: 253
We are having a civil wedding and reception all in the one hotel. We were told at our intention to marry meeting that basically we can do whatever we want during the ceremony as long as you don't mention the word god. We were told we could do a sand/candle ceremony or anything along those lines if we wanted, have whatever music, readings and she said most people still do the ring ceremony. She even went through the places that we could fit the different things in to make it as personal as we wanted.
PearlButton Posts: 2
Hi, I have to second what Allsún said. I met our registrar (Tullamore) in January and she was lovely. Showed us a general running order for the ceremony. Suggested areas where we could include different things; music, candle/sand ceremony etc. Explained that the only prerequisites are the two vows we must say (legal part) and that we can't include religious elements but, for example, if you really like a hymn, then you could have the music but not the words :-) she even gave us a book full of suggested readings and poems. There was certainly nothing restrictive about any of it.
pooch90 Posts: 319
We had a Spiritualist ceremony in the summer,it was gorgeous. Very much about us and written entirely by us. Our celebrant was just such a lovely guy and was there for guidance. Very happy to leave out the spiritualist side of things and do what we wanted. Enjoyed the ceremony, which I think is a rarity,we laughed our butts off as it was so light hearted.
marrymeireland Posts: 8
Hi, yes we at Marry Me Ireland can certainly help, :heartbeat: we have a wonderful selection of vibrant and professionally trained celebrants and we write the ceremony bespoke for you, from your love story, we'd be honoured to make your ceremony perfect, its your day, so do it your way, contact us 014414078
Shanty87 Posts: 1
Hi Caity, We are having a One Spirit Interfaith ceremony and are very happy with our choice. Our celebrant is a lovely woman named Geraldine who is working with us to create a ceremony that is spiritual but not religious. It doesn't even have to be in any way spiritual if you don't want it to be - it's up to you. You can have the ceremony anywhere, on any day of the week and it's legal. Best of luck!! :) Shanty