Humanist Ceremonies to be legal!!!

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Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
Hi Wollies, I was listening to the Ray Darcy show this morning and in passing he mentioned Humanist Ceremonies will now be legal and I immediately got to googling! This makes me so happy! It should be introduced pretty quickly meaning it will be in plenty of time for my wedding next April! Just thought I'd share. The Irish Times article is below: ... 08779.html
peonybaby Posts: 299
Thats great news, about time they started doing this! We had to pay the humanist and the civil registrar for our wedding, I wonder if the humanists will bump up their prices because of it...?
Eleanor Rigby Posts: 1067
I hadn't considered this! I wouldn't mind spending a little extra on a Humanist ceremony if it could be legal. I'm just so delighted that it may be possible to have the legal bit on the day of! We're getting married on a Saturday and figured we'd probably go to a registry office a few days beforehand but it will be so much nicer to have our ceremony be legally binding! I've sent an email to the Humanist Society for further info. I can't wait for the response! :o)ll
peonybaby Posts: 299
We had two ceremonies too EB. One the day before with a few family members with the civil registrar, normal cost of app €160 I think, and the next day we had the humanist, cost €350. They are pricey enough I think without adding anything to it!
micls Posts: 1156
Great news, and it's about fricking time. Now you get to be non-religious and not be treated like a second class citizen when getting married!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
[quote="micls":2tm8yap5]Great news, and it's about flipping time. Now you get to be non-religious and not be treated like a second class citizen when getting married![/quote:2tm8yap5] + a million! Thats brilliant news :o)ll
gwen2000ie Posts: 4
has anyone booked a humanist ceremony for a full legal wedding in the coming weeks? im due to get married on the 2 august 2013 but there is something going on within the society and that may jepordise our legal wedding... i have a letter from the registry saying that our solomiser legally can do it but he may be taken off the register! Im very stressed out. Its too late to get a date in the registry office now!!! is any other brides in the same position out there?? what is going on!!? :eek
Lorraine1987 Posts: 2
This is great news about humanist being able to legally do ceremonies. There is only one on the register so far. Hope you are ok for your wedding in August, it would be extremely unfair if they were taken off the registry. Have you called to see if the HSE have availability around the time of your wedding at all? I would think that should they remove your solemniser from the registry so close to your wedding which you would have notified them of in advance they should prioritise you for a ceremony. I hate to be very Irish about this but would it be worth a call to Joe Duffy? Why is the only secular solemniser possibly being removed from the register? I really hope everything works out for you and you have a beautiful day!
MsD2B Posts: 96
Well if he can legally do it according to the registrar .. that is all that doubt u have ur intent of marriage already done where he is named, so i would contact hse and find out the full story. If his name is taken off list will he legally be able to marry u?
gwen2000ie Posts: 4
rang the registry office again this morning, and got a date for registry office two days before our wedding, pheeewwww! they said that if he is taken off the register he wouldnt be able to do it legally and with five weeks to go thats to uncertain for us. i have the paperwork saying that he is doing the legal bit but that could be nil and void if taken off it between now and the 2nd of august. Just a note to all couples out there that have weddings booked soon to perhaps switch back to the registry office! we just have to go in and change our paperwork now. :wv