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LeoMammy Posts: 8
Hi, Can anyone tell me if Humus is bad to eat while pregnant. I ate a shed load of it today?
baba2010 Posts: 247
Have never heard of it being bad for you during pregnancy - it's just chick peas, tahini (sesame oil/paste), garlic and lemon juice, so nothing there that stands out as a worry, (I am open to correction). Best of luck with the coming 8 months!!
ababy Posts: 73
I've eat loads of it while pregnant- chick peas are very good for you in pregnancy and full of goodness. Although Hummous can tend to be a bit on the fattening side but it's full of good fats. I've never seen any reference to it in any of the "food to avoid" literature and none of the ingredients would seem to be anything that would cause any worry.
bunsy2 Posts: 21
Humus is all good!! Yummy Yummy! Eat eat eat!!! :wv
babyforus Posts: 1619
futuremama Posts: 273
Double yum! I have been eating a tonne of the Tesco reduced fat one! Its the bread I smother with it thats the problem though!!!