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charlie crown Posts: 377
I am so much hungrier than usual, I can't wait for luchtime, if anyone else sat next to me I'd probably take a bite out of them :-8 Is anyone else experiencing this?
charlie crown Posts: 377
OK I had my lunch now, feeling much better :eek
MrsMeggy Posts: 367
I am like that when I get hungary it hit me like a tidal wave I just have to eat then and there
charlie crown Posts: 377
Thats exactly it Meggy, Hunger just hits me and I have to eat there and then!
Ferdi Posts: 704
Hi, I'm exactly the same - as soon as the tummy rumble begins I have to eat something straight away or I'll feel sick. It's terrible. Feels like I'm eating all round me but I still have managed to lose 5lbs. I'm looking forward to my Milka Muffin shortly :o)ll
babe06 Posts: 898
CAn't stop eating! Even with the sickness. I have to run into the staff room between classes to snack. Its ridiculus, I have about 6 meals a day! I'll be huge!
bree Posts: 1880
am gonna sound like an awl one now - but be really careful with this one. i have felt so hungry from the start ( have always been known for my good appetite ) & have eaten anything to satisfy it - as a result im not massive - really massive !!! the hospital now think i might have developed gestational diabetes & im sure my pigging out didnt help this.. they said its either that or im having a v.big baby !! - either prospect is abit frightening. so girls have the fruit ready !!!
Miki Posts: 309
im 17weeks tomorrow and my appltite is huge! i havent once been off my food since i got pregnant. I've put on almost a stone so far and i recocon its probably too much. I was good for a few weeks, but now as Christmas is upon us and the roses are flying round the office, i just cant help myself!
charlie crown Posts: 377
Thanks Bree for the advice, actually it's probably not that I'm eating a huge amount more, it's just that the hunger just hits me like a tonne of bricks, and I have to eat immediately. I'm not one for junk food anyway, and find my want for fruit has increased, so thats good I suppose. I hope that you don't have gestational diabetes, it doesn't sound too pleasant, although a huge baby would scare me too!!! Good luck