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nutcake Posts: 1168
:hic why oh why did i have to have that shot. am not well
BusyDee Posts: 8527
:o0 Just that one shot was it? I was out too but im a good girl and never have shots or I would still be in a coma now!
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
[quote="DCee":1gnox29m]:o0 Just that one shot was it?[/quote:1gnox29m] :o0 :o0 :o0 Feel sorry for you!
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Wish I was hungover. Feel sick.... at least if I was hungover I would of had a good night last night! :o0 Hope you feel better soon
nutcake Posts: 1168
just the 1 shot but didnt mention the 5 coors lite and 2 double jameister and red bull :-8 :o0 had a shower and forced myself to get dressed so feeling a little bit better. scarlett hope your better soon :thnk
streaks Posts: 3592
Oh poor you nutcake :action32 I haaate hangovers! Didnt head out last night so in flying form today.. Will be a different story next week though! Going on a bit of a bender as havent been out in ages with all the saving! Cant wait!! :innocent:
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
feeling your pain. vomitted ealier then slept for an hr while h2b was watching the football, felt normal for a while, even managed to eat a bit but the nausea is coming back again....
sherwood Posts: 737
Oh girls, 5 lousy pints last night and I'm sick as a small hospital today, had a puke this morning, pounding headache, struggled through the day and now the tiredness is killing me - 10pm tonight and I will be unconscious!
MayBee Posts: 346
i know that feeling, had friends for dinner last night, 8 of us, waayyy too much wine, can't move of the couch today, bold though, having another couple of glasses now, just so i'll sleep tonight :-8