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rebel06 Posts: 51
Hi, havent been on this site for a while but I hope ye can help DS :lvs is 7 weeks old and last week I changed him from C & G premium to plus, because he didnt seem to be satisfied, feeding nearly every 2 hours during the day, having 8 oz bottles!! since changing him over he still doesnt seem to be getting enough, I wonder should I try changing the formula SMA any advice would be great thanks :thnk
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Rebel06, can't help you as mine is only 6 days old ! I'm giving him aptimal though. Maybe you should post this in the Mums and Kids section though, you might get more responses there. Your wee man must be a guzzler bless him !!
ros Posts: 749
Hi Rebel, You have one hungry baby on your hands. I would just give him an oz more in his bottles to start with and see how that goes. If that doesn't work, try switching formulas again in about a week. Our DS was a very very hungry baby too, he used to stay at my breast for an hour guzzling and when we switched to bottles he used to bawl when he finished one, looking for more! Ah, so cute! Good luck :wv
The Sinner Posts: 1175
My advice would be to just feed him when he is hungry!! My DD when she was that age was feeding every hour and a half, bloody mental it were, i'd feed her wind her change her and she'd be hungry again, also have you tried giving him a wee bottle of water about 4 oz or so, he may be thirsty too, plus at 7 weeks he is probably having a growth spurt so feeding more. Don't know about changing formula, DD was on Aptamil 1 then SMA but it made her constipated, eventually she settled on milumil, but they don't make it any more!! Think its just aptamil now. It'll settle down soon enough Best of luck with it all
Sphynx Posts: 6795
OK, I haven't even had a baby yet and am clueless re. feeding. However, I was talking to someone the other day who works for one of the formula manufacturers and she said all you get in the step-up/plus formula (or whatever it's called) is extra fat and that you could actually just stick with the newborn formula right up until you wean onto solids because it contains all the goodness you need - she said just give the baby bigger feeds or give an extra feed as he/she gets bigger. Hope that might help!
jen2 Posts: 3106
Congrats Rebelo6 on the birth of your son. He seems a hungry baby.Dont know if it willl help, but I offer/ give my DD cooled boiled water, between feeds when she is looking to feed again after an hour or two. IT holds her off for an extra hour. Also if a baby has collic, they want to feed very often. The sucking actually eases the wind pain for a while. My DS wanted to feed and feed all the time, but it was because of collic. DD has it too, but not as bad, but I give her infacol, and anti cooic bottles, its seems to do the trick. Also she is an Aptimil ( easy digest), its a thicker formula, C&G do an Omeno Comfort, thats a thicker formula too. It helps with collic, and fills them a little more. Ring the C&G help line and ask them what product they would recommend. Hope that helps Jen2
speedy55 Posts: 512
hi rebel our baby moved from aptimal to hungry baby aptimal and the situation got worse altogether.when we moved her to sma gold all our problems were solved.its the most substantial of the formulas. and god knows i know everything there is to know about formula because it nearly drove me up the walls trying to sort grace out! so i would highly recommend sma gold. pm me if you want to ask anything about it. ps i think the hungry baby formulas can be hard on young babies, well that was our experience.
lambnose Posts: 915
Yeah, we use SMA gold as well. It is the brand our local maternity hospital uses and if was good enough for them then it is good enough for me!