hurricane Dean

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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Did anyone see sky news? thats some hurricane that hit Jamacia, hope it doesnt come here. the way the weather is going nothing surprises me...its gone so cold here now its more like october.
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
Dominica was badly hit , theres no electricity or water now on the island , and st Lucia was hit bad too, I was there sept last year and thought of all the damage to those beautiful islands when i heard it on the news. and its very humid today , i'm in dublin but yesterday's was like winter alright , did not step outside the door !
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
I know, i thought i was getting a cold, i had heating on all over the house, cold just got into me, i snuggled up in the duvet at 9 last night and did not move until this morning. Then woke up in a sweat, change of weather like that will have everyone sick. kind of scary.
Senorita Posts: 3413
On GMTV this morning, they had a man from Cardiff on the phone, who is staying in the Southern part of Mexico, in direct line of the hurricane. He said that flights that left from Stansted, Doncaster, Manchester, Birminham, Scotland and N.I., were all taking their passengers back home, yesterday, but the Cardiff flight passengers were being left there in Mexico :eek He said they were given no reason as to why they couldn't be flown home, people were really scared, and the only advice they were given was to put their matresses up again the windows of their hotel rooms, and stay put. He was very upset :o( Hopefully, Dean won't be as bad as they expect.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
oh god love them, thats terrible. hopefully they will all be ok and get home safely.
Senorita Posts: 3413
[quote="december07":3ey7hjfi]oh god love them, thats terrible. hopefully they will all be ok and get home safely.[/quote:3ey7hjfi] Yeah, it's so scary. He was really upset. The travel company Thompson were of no help to them at all.