Husband too tired

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Pringle Posts: 57
Is anyone elses hubby always to tired to make love. We probably only really make love at the weekends. Maybe once during the week if we are feeling particularly frisky. But now that its come to making a baby we are going to have to start making an exceptional effort to do it at the right time. But he's always too tired during the week because of work etc!!! I don't know what to do with him. We may just get it in in the evenings.
princess! Posts: 348
he might feel under pressure a bit with all the watching for the right time. why not try a week "off" babymaking and just relax and make a whole night of it have a romantic dinner candles etc the whole nine yards and just remember how you both feel about each other. i hope things get back to normal again for you and good luck ttc :lvs
Pringle Posts: 57
Sorry girls i meant to put this post in TTC Thanks for your kind words princess xx