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doteycheeks Posts: 367
hi i posted this before. sorry for doing this again.. but the last preganancy i had i had this. it is extreme vomitting like morning noon night middle of the night kind of thing... i really woulld like another baby... but i cant relax as i am so afraid i be like this again was any1 really sick on 1st on not on 2nd
Bumpalicious Posts: 512
Hi, I'm only on my first pregnancy so can't really answer your question but I've had this on this pregnancy so can totally sympathise, it is really awful, and already i'm worried about what will happen if I decide to go again. I mentioned it to my consultant and he just said that there is no way of knowing whether it will happen again, but that it is very often specific to one pregnancy and that I might not be sick at all on another. Its not very reassuring, though, it's a risk i'm not sure I want to take, I barely got through the first 16 weeks this time. Hopefully someone will have experience of more than one pregnancy and will answer...the only thing is though, everyone is different, so what happened to one person won't necessarily happen for us.. Just wanted to sympathise, really....