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Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
Can you just use a home programme (eg the Doula Ireland one) or do you really need to attend a workshop to get the full benefit?? :thnk
TracyD Posts: 750
It depends (really helpful answer eh ?) If you're motivated to do the program yourself and your hubby/partner is sure of his role then the homestudy is a great option. It's very easy to follow week by week. At the workshop you get to meet other 'likeminded' couples and the 2nd day is mainly focused on helping your partner get up to speed on how to best support and advocate for the kind of birth you want. So...I guess it depends on your own learning style and the confidence level of your partner and how involved you want him to be. Either way - you still get online and phone support throughout your pregnancy if you have any questions. We have a live chat tonight at 8 if you want to talk to some of the mums who are doing the course. HTH Tracy
RJR Posts: 962
just pmd you
TracyD Posts: 750
Hokey - there's also the option of private classes but I've found that in a group setting it makes things a lot more 'real' for the Dads and they learn a lot about advocating for you during labour. (This isn't taught in regular antenatal classes) Some mums on WOL have bought CDs online and also found that very helpful. Some start off with the Gentlebirth homestudy program for a few weeks and make the decision to come to the workshop after they've had some time to work through the program on their own and lots just stick with the homestudy program. No matter which format you choose it'll be a benefit to you :-) Best of luck ! Tracy
alton Posts: 3077
I have the gentlebirth cds too, and I'm finding them great. I think I'd be fine on my own without doing the course but I am considering doing it to see if my DH would be more convinced than he is at the moment.
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
TraceyD I live in Northern Ireland, are there classes up here? If not what would you recommend for home programme?? CD's, DVD's etc?? Your help would be appreciated thanks MTW x
TracyD Posts: 750
Alton - at the end of the day you'll be the one doing all the practice but it is nice to have your partner on the same page. See how you're doing in a few weeks. MTW - where are you living? I think there is a teacher that does weekly classes (I'll dig it out and let you know) I have quite a few NI mums who come to my workshop on the M1 at Drogheda (it's only 45 mins from Newry) The home program is GentleBirth - it's a 5 week program - but most mums easily get through it in 3 weeks. There are 3 CDs for practice, guide book and additional scripts and exercises that you can do with your partner if you can get them to join in. :-) (If you can talk your partner into recording some of the scripts it's even more effective !) Join us on the next online chat - I'll post the details next week. I don't have the CDs available for download online just yet but you can order the program here - (takes about 7 days for delivery) Tracy
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
thanks for that TraceyD, appreciate your help x