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MDoyler Posts: 5
My midwife recommended I go to this class. Has anyone done hypnobirthing? There's a weekend workshop in Dublin next month but I'm not sure if it's all just about breathing.....kwim? DH isn't keen but he'll go along with whatever I want. :?
tasket Posts: 306
Hi MDoyler, Haven't done it myself but have read/heard a bit about it. Lots of women on the Taking Charge of Your Fertility boards (www.tcoyf.com/forum) have tried it. Basically you try to use the power of your mind to re-train your thoughts so that labour isn't painful. Here's one recent thread on it: http://forums.ovusoft.com/tm.asp?m=6454 ... s=#6463084 Just in case that link doesn't work, here's a copy & paste of an explanation from one of the posts: [quote:3ckchb2q]I'll try to answer your question. I did the Hypnobabies homestudy course with my 2nd baby and am a huge fan. I was VERY leary about hypnosis for birth when I first started looking into it because I am definitely not into the sorts of things/lifestyle that I had associated with "hypnosis". Yes, you are actually in hypnosis, but hypnosis turned out to be something very different than what I thought it was going into it. *Everyone* has been in hypnosis - probably on a daily basis. When you are watching TV, when you are driving home and realize that you just did the last 10 minutes on auto-pilot, etc. - that's hypnosis - at least the type of hypnosis referred to in regards to giving birth. It's not the stereotypical hypnosis you see on TV where you're in a goofy trance and will do anything anyone tells you to do and not remember anything when you come out of it. The CD's that come with the Hypnobabies course help guide you into a really relaxed state and then give positive birthing suggestions to help re-program your your thought process about birth. For example, birth does not have to be painful is one of the suggestions that is at the core of hypnobabies. I know lots of people think this is hogwash, but I can tell you from personal experience that it's the truth. My birth with #2 was not completely pain free (I had some pain during the 20 minutes I pushed), but the contractions, while I did feel pressure, were absolutely not painful. This was so polar opposite to my experience in giving birth (also naturally) to #1. Your subconcious thought can be reprogammed to believe that the sensations felt during your birthing time are not painful and will be felt only as pressure. Again, this is if you *choose* to accept those suggestions. You are in control. I remember everything about my birthing time with DD#2. I remember more of it than I do of #1. I think because with #1 I was in such a pain-induced haze I wasn't very cognizant of anything going on. With my Hypnobabies birth, when I felt a contraction coming, I simply turned my body "off", so to speak. I was not unaware of what was happening around me, but I was completely relaxed. When I arrived at the hospital, the midwife's first comment (in a rather skeptical tone) was, "You're looking awfully relaxed." I just smiled. She checked me and I was 8cm dilated. Even while I was pushing (which was somewhat painful) I was joking and laughing in between contractions. I was totally present the entire time and was never in any sort of trance. For me, I feel there were 2 essential components to the hypnosis. The first was the reprogramming of my thought process during my practice time. The second was the daily practice in turning off and completely relaxing in an instant. I believed that my birthing time would be easy and manageable and knew how to turn everthing off with each contraction so that my body could do what it needed to do without me tensing up and interfering with the process. Sorry that was so long, but I hope it was an answer of sorts to what you were asking[/quote:3ckchb2q] HTH!
MDoyler Posts: 5
Thanks for that.
HypnoBirth Posts: 4
Can Anybody Do It - is it Easy to Learn? Yes! With time, patience and practice HypnoBirthing has benefits for everyone and is very simple to learn. Will I still be in control? Yes! Lots of people worry that HypnoBirthing will be similar to stage hypnosis or that seen on TV where people are made to impersonate chickens or act in a way they normally wouldn’t. The fact of the matter is, with HypnoBirthing you are in complete control, all hypnosis is self hypnosis, it is not something that is done to you. You can accept or reject the suggestions given to you for a calm gentle birth. Nobody can make you do anything you do not want to do whilst in hypnosis and you will remain lucid throughout the whole of your birth experience, just much calmer and much more in control. I’m having a Caesarean Section – Will it still benefit me? Yes! HypnoBirthing isn’t just about natural, drug-free, vaginal births; it can be used for any type of birth experience! It is wonderful at helping prepare you for the birth itself, but the benefits do not end there. HypnoBirthing helps you have a happier, more relaxed pregnancy, will help with bonding with you baby, with breastfeeding (should you chose to breastfeed) and adjusting to life with your new baby as stress free as possible. (Your recovery is likely to be quicker too !) Isn't a Birth Hypnosis CD the Same as HypnoBirthing ? A CD or a book could help you to relax and may be of some benefit, but in order to experience the full benefits of HypnoBirthing it is strongly recommended that you attend classes with an officially recognised HypnoBirthing instructor. We do give you 2 CDs and a book as PART of the program but these are only a small part of it. In the classes you learn hands on techniques and ways to get the best from HypnoBirthing in an Irish setting (the book is based on birth in the US) – as you can imagine we cover a whole lot more than just listening to a CD and it is for this reason that HypnoBirthing is the longest established and most widely respected hypnosis for birth program in the world. If there are no practitioners near you and getting to a workshop isn’t an option then you might like to use the GentleBirth program which is a self paced homestudy program created for women giving birth within an Irish setting. When Should I Start? As soon as possible. It’s never too early and it’s never too late. We teach couples as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy and right up to 37 weeks. Don’t worry you won’t ‘forget’ what you’ve been taught as we’re working with the subconscious mind – in fact the longer you have to practice the more confident you’ll become. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll get to experience the benefits of self hypnosis during your pregnancy – especially if you are still working. You’ll find that once you start the practice your stress levels will drop dramatically and you can really enjoy your pregnancy with no fear of the upcoming birth. Does My Partner Have to Come Too? Ideally your partner will come with you, HypnoBirthing is designed to be taught to couples and this is one of the keys of its success, this could also be a female friend or relative though. Doula Ireland also teaches single mums and it’s still perfectly possible to follow the program without a birth partner. We spend a lot of time helping Dads feel confident about supporting you in labour - most Dads do want to be involved but they just don't know how. :xxx If I Learn HypnoBirthing Am I Guaranteed a Pain Free Labour? 70% of Doula Ireland’s prior clients gave birth with no pain relief at all or just gas and air right at the end. We don't guarantee pain free birth and that is not the focus of the class....but we do guarantee that you will feel much more in control and calmer than if you didn't learn the technique. Do you have Any Other Statistics? Doula Ireland’s clients (of those taught from 2005 and given birth by Jan 31st 2007) experienced: 6% emergency cesarean rate (Irish national average is approx 24%) 15% perineal damage (Irish average is around 60%) 7.5hr average length of labour -some as short at 3 hours (Irish average is 12-16hrs for a first time mum) Course fees for the weekend is 375 Euro and includes a copy of the official HypnoBirthing® book, 2 official HypnoBirthing CDs, class handouts including local birth information relevant to Ireland and refreshments. You will also be invited to join the online Irish HypnoBirthing group where you can connect with other mums that I’ve worked with. Do I Still Need to Take Hospital Antenatal Classes if I'm doing HypnoBirthing? No. With HypnoBirthing we are retraining the subconscious mind to expect labour to be a positive and non stressful experience. We have found that couples who attend hospital antenatal classes particularly the labour class have their fears reinforced by the instructors own belief that birth MUST be a painful experience. Painful out of control labours is generally NOT the experience of HypnoBirthing mothers. HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal class in itself. The HypnoBirthing class removes the fear of labour and replaces it with confidence that birth can be positive and not a frightening experience but something to be looked forward to. We do however recommend taking a tour of the place where you will be giving birth and also taking a breastfeeding class and baby care preparation class. Where are the Classes Held? Classes are held at the new City North Hotel – right on the M1 for easy accessibility from the M50. http://www.citynorthhotel.com Please feel free to contact me about the workshops in Cork and Dublin Tracy