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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Following on from the antenatel classes has anybody done this in Dublin. Id love to try it, does anyone know when you have to book for it?
Lady Di Posts: 2487
What is it? :-8
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Lady Di, they are similar to antenatel classes but they focus on using relaxation and visualisation techniques to cope with labour. I know they are about changing your perception of labour being very negative and painful to it being more positive and giving you a feeling of control. It might seem a bit hippyish but from what i have read it seems to work. According to some studies 70% of women who do it have no pain relief or intervention and its supposed to make labour quicker. Seemingly if you do it you are supposed to let your midwife know cos you can dilate much quicker than normal!!! I emailed some clinic in Dublin looking for more info. The seem to work out about €400 per couple. There is a big emphasis on your DP helping you through labour aswell.
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Wow that sounds really interesting. I really like the sound of DP helping more as well as I know my DH hates the feeling of helplessness. I'm due to do my pre natal course in September (if I get there!) do you do this in addition to an pre natal course?
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
I read that if you do the hypnobirthing you shouldnt do the normal antenatel classes fior this reason - hypnobirthing is about changing all those preconceived notions about labour and that EVERY labour has to be painful, you sort of hypnotise yourself into believing that the birth will be easy and any "pain" will be felt as pressure. In your nomal classes they focus a lot on pain and pain relief. But personally i think its no harm to find out about pain relief, the hypnobirthing may not work for you, and they also suggest you get a tour of the labour ward so its not all totally new to you. AFAIK you should do the HB classes early on cos you are supposed to listen to the CD's a lot to help you learn to relax. Unfortunately almost all the HB stories i found on the internet were posted by Tracey Donegan aka Calmbirth, gentlebirth and although i loved her book i sometimes feel she pushes HB too much and TBH some of the HB birth stories sound like fairy tales. There is a strong emphasis on DP cos they think that if the decisions are left to you during labour you arent in the right mind to make them. His job is to make sure the staff stick with your birth plan and wishes (in so far as practical and safe) and that you will be in no state to argue with them and may agree to unnecessry interventions.
HypnoBirth Posts: 4
They really do seem like fairytales don't they and TBH if anyone had told me that labour could actually be a good experience right after I'd had my DS I'd probably have been arrested for causing serious bodily harm ;o( MY DS's birth was definitely NOT a hypnobirth or anything close to it. As long as we're only exposed to the really dramatic life or death birth stories on discovery health channel then I can see how totally off the wall hypnobirthing sounds. I was probably one of the biggest skeptics myself and the first time I read Marie Mongan's book I really thought she was delusional.... Although most mums don't end up needing an epidural the focus isn't on pain free birth although it can be very managable for most women as long as they are relaxed. The goal is fear free birth which makes for such a positive birth no matter what happens. If something unexpected comes up it's much easier for you both to deal with it when you're calm than in a panic. We can't control everything during a labour and babies sometimes have their own birth plans but feeling like you and DP are calling the shots and feeling confident makes for a more relaxed birth. I guess I'm so passionate about hypnobirthing because I've been to several of my couple's births using hypnosis so I know there is a better way. It's a no brainer - if there's an easier way to have a baby then it's worth checking out. The name hypnobirthing tends to put people off though because they think it's about someone hypnotising you but you're being taught to hypnotise yourself so that when your contractions start your automatic response is to relax instead of panic. The repetition of the CD reinforces this response. You're still fully aware of everthing going on around you but you're choosing to focus on your breathing and letting all of your muscles stay limp. There are practitioners all over Ireland now so hopefully there's someone close to you. Some of the midwives in Holles Street are taking the training in July so fingers crossed the hospitals will start to offer some alternative antenatal classes soon. It does take a commitment - you have to be willing to put in the practice but it couldn't be easier. I run an Irish yahoo group for local hypnobirthing mums so if you'd like to talk to some Irish mums please let me know - they are very happy to talk about their experiences especially around going to hospital classes too. As previously posted you don't need to go to 'normal' antenatal classes as well but definitely do the hospital tour and a baby care class. If you're planning on bfing then also do a bfing class or contact a local mums group in your area. Its much easier to get support lined up now rather than when you get home so at least you have a number to call if you need help. The birth partner does have a very significant role in HB but not because you won't be in a fit state to talk to the midwives but so that you can stay focused on staying relaxed and in tune with your labour and not be distracted and Dad can keep the atmosphere as low key as possible. If you have Living2 there is a new show called Home Grown Babies and last night showed a fantastic UK hypnobirth. They usually repeat the show during the week so try to catch it if you're interested in learning more. HTH Tracy