Hypnotherapy to stop smoking

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2557 Posts: 885
Hi Has anyone any experience on this? Is it a complete waste of money?? H2B finally wants to give up and thinks that it might be worth a shot. Has anyone ever done this or know of any clinics in Dublin which offer this service? Thanks
aussiebridetobe Posts: 122
Hi there I am a qualified hypnotherapist & psychotherapist myself, so i would strongly recommend hypnotherapy if your husband was seriously looking to quit smoking. Feel free to contact me via pm to let me know if you would like me to send you a brochure which outlines my services.
007 Posts: 1462
how does it work aussiebride? what are the success rates??
cheile Posts: 1202
Sorry Aussiebridetobe but I found it completely useless and €195 shorter in my pocket. Serious load of crap. This guy/gal lies you down, talk crap while you're hypnotised (sp) (when really you're not hypnotised (sp again!), you just lie there like a fool with your eyes closed) and this chat is supposed to persuade you to stop. After the session, he recommended that I do at least another 3 sessions, at that price I told him to go fly!!! Sorry rant over :oops: