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Am sorry to hear this MrsMM2010, you must be under huge stress at the moment. Any chance you could take unpaid leave to make sure you get all the days you need? I know you'll be down money but it'll be worth it if you do well in your exams. Is there anyone else you can talk to about getting the time off? He might be afraid that after you finish your exams you'll get another job and wont get the chance to work up the time off that you've taken??? Hope you can get something sorted out
Twirl Posts: 5598
Thanks for the reply mrsom. Im ringing in sick for a week in March so i can study ( i cant take more than 2 weeks off at once ) so im going to have to ring in sick the week of the exams now too. They wouldnt let me take unpaid leave. I am here 2 years and have not even told them im doing the exams this year as they dont care about that part even though they wanted someone part qualified when they took me on though last year i got given out to for doing them even though im using my holidays.. It really is so frustrating, they are just being awkward with me and a right pair of pr*cks really. It is the money element now as im going to be down 2 weeks wages. I got a bit of fresh air at lunch time so the murderous thoughts have now left me thankfully, there was a good chance of me throwing a stapler at one of them before that :o0
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Do you need to produce a Doctor's note to be off sick for a week? Wont he cop that you are just ringing in sick to take the days off anyway??? If I did this at my job I would be fired instantly.
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Had to delete