i am SO bold - which dress? update - denia!

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flor Posts: 1621
I have been so bold. I have a dress already, bought it just over a year & a half ago, & while i like it, I've had recurring niggling doubts the entire time (wedding had to be postponed by a year - not because of dress indecision, hehe!). I finally cracked yesterday & went trying on other dresses, naughty me!!!!! While i love the back of my dress, i have concerns that the FRONT of it doesn't flatter me as much as it could - my body shape is rectangular i.e. waist not very defined, so (except in this instance) i always go for something that draws me in at the waist. Haven't had the dress altered yet and it's very big on the bust & to a lesser extent on the hips. Maybe if i'd just gone & gotten the alterations done, I'd know for sure & I wouldn't still be wondering (argh!). Anyway, I know it would definitely look *better* once altered, but maybe still not great on the waist...? Our wedding will be at Christmas time, church followed by a reception in an old hotel with lots of chandeliers & sparkle! love the lace of the Denia - totally stunning, statement dress. fit perfectly, no alterations needed! the sophia tolli one is also beautiful, in a different way. it's very sweet, has a kind of 1920s feel. very sparkly so, good for christmas wedding. would add more tulle underneath though, so the lining of the skirt would not be so visible. otherwise, fit was just about perfect. the photos of my dress probl don't do it justice, it is a lovely dress in reality. just not sure if it's really the best for my body shape. Budgetary considerations have already been made, so just looking for feedback on the appearance! Thanks!!
ninja next Posts: 1548
They are all lovely dresses but I love the 2nd!! The one you have though is lovely & when it fits you properly I think it will be more flattering. Maybe you could add a sparkly belt to add definition and a bit of bling?
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
I was all set to say I adore the middle dress and then I saw the third dress, both of them are so completely stunning!! Being completely honest I don't like the first dress at all :-8 The shape isn't great (even allowing for alterations) and it's a bit...plain for my taste. I adore the third one but that's because it would suit me, I really love the effect of the second one with the lace layer. Shape wise I think the third suits you best too, shows off your figure perfectly.
windycity Posts: 2241
Hiya, I have to say I agree with you. The first dress does nothing for your fabulous figure and I think its not a nice all. Sorry Im being blunt I really hope you dont mind. I love the 2nd dress.. really stunning on you! I would def go for it. :lvs :lvs
me2013 Posts: 93
The denia is really classy and gives you a lovely shape, and the Sophia tolli is very elegant, I would be torn!
flor Posts: 1621
thanks everyone! i do not mind at all - honesty is what i'm looking for!! have been dithering back & forth on this for so long now i just want to finally be 100% happy with my decision! i was feeling quite torn yesterday between the two! the denia is knockout, but the nedya is sweet & sparkly (i'm a sucker for sparkle)!
windycity Posts: 2241
the 2nd one is just so unusual with the lace layer.. its very christmasy. I really loved it on you. Are you def getting rid of number one? I think you look like a diff bride in dresses 2 +3 .. dont waste that gorgeous figure in dress 1 !! xxxx
MrsKP Posts: 372
The 3rd one is the one I'd pick! I think its beautiful :-8 I don't really like the first one either as I too think its too plain.
Mrsmonoiam Posts: 417
I agreaa, all 3 are beautiful but the 2nd and 3rd ones are just WOW on you! Fabulous figure!
flor Posts: 1621
aw thanks windycity :-8 :thnk will leave making a final decision til sunday, i think. if i do go with either of the other two i will definitely have to sell the 1st one! thanks soon2bemrsp :) dress 3 is lovely too, & my existing veil & headpiece would go with it. argh, decisions! how are you feeling about your own dress now? niggles gone?? i hope so as it's beautiful on you!! thanks mrsmono!!!! :thnk :thnk
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