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Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Oh God this business of having a 1 year old and being pregnant is so hard. I am so so tired ladies. DS is great, but, so full of energy, he does not sleep much - he went to sleep at 10pm last night and was up and ready to go at 6am - I am a wreck. He does not really nap too much during the day either, but, I have to confess that at the moment I have him plonked in front of Balamory :-8 No real point to this but, to the mums who had two close together, please tell me this will get easier once this new baby is born? FP
Emme Posts: 4735
The silence is deafening!!! Feet up forgottenpassword! Have a TV day with DS!
Belinda Posts: 142
hi forgottenpassword just wanted to say - don't be too hard on yourself! If you are feeling tired and a bit worn out then do as Emme says and put your feet up, switch on the tv and try to take it easy. Balamory is my saving grace in the mornings, ds eats his breakfast infront of the tv so I can run upstairs and have a shower and a bit of peace and quiet! I am finding it hard at the moment too - The bigger I get the harder I am finding it to run around after ds. Maybe let your partner know you are feeling so exhausted and hopefully he could take over for a night to give you a rest?
WinterGal Posts: 835
FP, you are doing fantasitc! You are at 33 weeks and only 7 left. I always thought pregnacy was a stroll in the park until I was spending time with my sister recently when I was absolutely knackered and could hardly move from the couch and there she was with a new born and another two under 5 years old, it's beyond me how anybody does it and I really feel for you. Have a nice bath and a face pack when you get the chance and feet up. You can do it, just think your two little bundles of joy will be the best play mates in the world! (when they are not beating the head off each other :o0 ) It'll all be so worth while.
summer daisy Posts: 1336
Hiya FP.. I have 2 little ones...and there is 18 months between them. When I was pregnant with DD2 I had a terrible time minding DD1 and to be fair she got to watch a lot of TV- and it did her no harm. She is a great kid and still loves TV :lvs I was shattered all the time towards the end and it was so very very hard.. but there is an end in sight hon- it is MUCH harder being pregnant then being the mother of 2 under 2. Honestly, I found the first few weeks after DD2's birth so much better then the pregnancy (then DD1 got sick but that is another story altogether!!) Hugs to you - I know exactly how you feel!! SD
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
FP I hear ya!!!!! Have a little guy who's turning one in two weeks and am currently 38 weeks pregnant have just put my DS down to sleep after an hour of tears :o( (he's teething heavy!!) and to top it all off my DH broke his leg on Monday so am having to do it all on my own O:| I must have cried for an hour just there as DS wouldn't go down my DH was complaining how sore his leg was and I was trying to get sick ALL at the same time.......... SD am glad to hear it gets easier once bab is born :o)ll cause I swear it can't get any harder!!! Am panicing at the minute as DH can't drive and when I go into labour he's going to be of no use to me at all will have to ring family/friend to drive us to the hospital O:| I swear I could just kill him >:o(
Delish Posts: 4176
I'm just joining this crazy club as well. What were we all thinking getting pregnant again so soon. ds nine months and I'm 23 weeks. I'm planning on trying to stay in work for as long as possible. A day in work is so much easier than trying to manage ds, bump,( and hubby at times). Oh my god, my son doesn't sleep properly at all. I hear you on the tiredness!! Good luck to all of you - we should create our own mini support group :o0 :o0 :o0 , we need it. Once this baby is out and I've recovered, I am going on one hell of a bender. I so deserve it :o0 :o0
Belinda Posts: 142
oh delish think I might join you on that bender if you don't mind! I am so sick of sitting in minding ds and not drinking because I am pregnant while dh is fit to go out and have a great time at the pub with his mates >:o( To be honest I don't think there is any 'perfect' time to have another baby so we may as well jump into the deep end and hope we remember to put our floaties on!!