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Grainne20 Posts: 835
Yup I am officially "with child" :wink: Only about 2 years ahead of time but sure, not to worry. Only took about three weeks to sink in, I am due the end of aug/beg of sept. AAArrgghhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Please no questions on whether or not one will be a SAHM :wink:
AGuest Posts: 1262
Grainne - Congratulations to you & your hubby! Great news. So, are you planning to be a SAHM?! Seriously though, great news!
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Grainne when I saw the title of post was wondering was it a surprise? Well obviously it is by your message.Congratulations.Look after yourself ;-)
Ramoi Posts: 80
Congratulations :)
ed* Posts: 402
Aw congrats Grainne, I'm delighted for you :lol: Wishing you a happy and Healthy 8(ish) months
Bulmers Posts: 1281
Ah that is brilliant Grainne,I'm delighted for you. Take good care of yourself over the coming months.
halo Posts: 1406
Congrats to you and himself! Nice that it's a surprise, bit of a shock at first, I bet, but what great news! Enjoy the next few months, and enjoy the ones after even more! Best of luck. (So you're going which way on the SAHM thing....? Sorry, only messing, couldn't resist :wink: )
willthiswork Posts: 1995
Congratulatiosn! Happy surprise!
Grainne20 Posts: 835
Thanks for nice messages ladies. Still NO COMMENT on the SAHM subject ;) Don't want to start a heated debate, and you know how this place goes. Yeah it was a definite surprise considering the vast quantities of alcohol I consumed at home over Christmas. Meanwhile I was like vomiting victor every morning I was home thinking I was hung over :oops:
Anon10yr+ Posts: 1874
Best of luck with the pregnancy Grainne.Hope morning sickness won't be too bad ;-)