I ate a Mr. whippy .....

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Chukles Posts: 672
I am prob being stupid - i hope But the Mr. whippy van came around there a while ago and i bought my 2 year old a cone which she actually didnt eat and i forgot i couldnt so ate it for her. It was only a childs cone and i realised 3/4 way through but i am worried now ..... :-8
mommylicious Posts: 836
I have eaten loads of them! I only found out about 6 weeks ago that we aren't supposed to be eating them! So don't worry. It's highly unlikely anything will happen, don't be worrying.
Daff Posts: 11644
last time I didn't eat any but this time it's summer and I'm going to and have done so. It's a very small risk attached, don't worry you'll be fine! hoep you enjoyed it and got syrup on it!
Chukles Posts: 672
Thanks girls ... i am a born worrier ! I need to cop on !
Excitedwife Posts: 1186
God never knew this....I have had about 4 :-8
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Would you not have to be feeling sick for there to be a problem?
Chukles Posts: 672
I have heard the risk is minimal and whats done is done. No point worrying now but i will make sure i will have no more ! The main risk is bacteria in the machines which could cause listeria... you would prob have to be v unlucky for this to happen though...
Duffers Posts: 1841
I got food poisoning from shellfish when pregnant last time. No biggy at the time. Dont worry about the cone...like Daff said hope you got syrup and a flake!!!
angels 58 Posts: 236
stupid question, but is that all ice cream...or just van stuff we should avoid? :-8
mommylicious Posts: 836
Just the soft serve, like McFlurrys or your Mr. Whippy. All the other stuff is ggggggooooooooddddddd!