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Cleo\'s Keeper Posts: 63
I booked ours today. The weding is in December but when I rang (wanted it out of the way asap) they told me the first available date was Sept 20th!!! Couldn't believe it was so far away.
rainyday Posts: 609
We're also doing ours in April for August. Am sure we'll be fine!
rop Posts: 1453
well i told h2b last night and he fell over laughing!!! im always at him to get things done and when he doesnt do them ill just say "ill do it myself" so he has taken upon it himself to organise it - at least he'll know its done (hiw words) typical! :o0 rang the priest this morning and he said its the couples choice when they feel they should do it - the recomend 3-5 months before hand as you have time to digest all that is discussed at the sessions. but i you want to do it the week before you can - and he also mentioned its not a legal requirement as OP said! phew! so got it booked this morning anyway!!