i cant find a right dress

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200210bride Posts: 422
I have been to about 20 shops at this stage. I started looking back last November. I was in Navan today and i kinda picked one. when i look at it now im not so sure. i feel its looks like a typical wedding dress and if i buy it its only for the sake of it and a attitude of 'oh it will do' Im so confused my head is wrecked with dresses!!! I would love to come across a dress that is just that little bit different and looks well on. i have tried on every shape style colour of a dress i came across but still no luck. I just came home crying today If anyone has come across any ' different' dress will u let me know before i crack up ... sorry for the rant
evalena Posts: 1130
Don't panic - see the recent thread in this section called "Wedding Dresses just don't suit me" :xxx
stephyb Posts: 1439
hi i bought my own dress too early as i have since found some gorgeous ones online, here are the ones i would try again if i could. [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt] [img:15pezztt][/img:15pezztt]
Bellabing Posts: 1449
Have u been to The White Room in Mullingar, they have beautiful dresses and not your typical wedding dress dress iykwim. worth a look. maybe take a break for a month, give yourself a breather from searching & then start looking again. you have loads of time.
BH Posts: 37
what type of dress do you think you would like, a less traditional one, maybe more like a ballgown. Alice Temperley, Collette Dinnigan both in the White Room may suit? What about getting it made? You could get inspiration from looking at ball gowns such as in debenhams or monsoon etc. Costume in Dublin stock alice temperley etc Maybe have a look at ballgowns you like and post here and wollies may be able to recommend a shop to you. i am getting mine made because i dont want a traditional gown, dont want to wear a veil etc, getting a silk ivory ballgown type instead, the designer drew 6 different designs for me to decide on... i love fashion, but for some reason with my wedding day, i think i will have a relatively plain dress but unusal coloured shoes, fabulous earrings instead...
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I heard that UBrides dress is very amazing , the price is quite cheap !
Crostini Posts: 1105
[quote="hemelody":1wedfgkx]I heard that UBrides dress is very amazing , the price is quite cheap ![/quote:1wedfgkx] :spam:
MrsK2009 Posts: 27
I recommend white orchid in swords - really contemporary modern dresses without being too fussy.
Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Hi there i was the one who started the other thread Wedding Dresses just don't suit me. I'm the same as yourself fed up trying on dresses. At the moment i am going through all my magazines and drawing tops that i like and then skirts that i like (as in tops off wedding dresses etc) then i'm going to go and talk to a dressmaker. Also what type of dress do you wear normally if you go to a wedding, could you try and recreate it in a bigger and fussier way.
busybride09 Posts: 137
I would also reccommend White orchid in Swords. The dresses are unique yet still wearable and bride-ish! and the owners are really enthusiastic about finding out whats different about you and how to find a dress that really does reflect your personallity.