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mooky Posts: 1501
Girls I keep telling people i'm pregnant - i'm only 6 weeks pregnant on my first. I keep telling my husband i wont tell anyone else, but then i meet a friend for lunch - and thats another person told. I'm too excited and i'm finding it too hard to keep it in. Is anyone else like this or are you managing to keep it secret?
newone Posts: 1714
:o0 :o0 Does your DH know you are secretly telling people? we haven't told anyone yet but lots of people tell early. It is whatever suits ye. Congratulations and the best of luck!!
chicam Posts: 1169
We told ppl quite early, around the 8 wk mark for a number of reasons like distance away from family - but more so because I didn't think I could do a 'pretence' or keep my mouth shut!
January87 Posts: 280
Couldn't keep my mouth shut... everyone knew by week 9.
maisedon Posts: 1394
You sound like my DH!! :o0 He was so excited that by 6 weeks nearly everyone knew. I had an early scan at 7wks 5 days and relaxed a bit when I saw the heartbeat, so at 8 weeks we just publicly announced it!!! *)