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streaks Posts: 3592
Oh girls..I'm so annoyed and upset, right here's the issue, we spent aaaaaaaages working on our mass booklet, picking out our readings and composing prayers of the faithful got the format perfect and designed our own front cover. So yesterday I was on the lap top and next thing I hear a bang, the charger was after blowing and the battery died. We thought we would only need to get another charger but when we did and we charged it, no light came on, it wouldn't start, nothing. So I'm sitting here.. Ready to eat iron because we didn't save it down to a disc straight away and now face the thought of doing out the entire booklet again waaaaah :o( I just had to get that out there before I exploded..
stick Posts: 1229
Bring your laptop into a PC repair shop. if the battery has blown they should be able to extract the memory board and get your documents
streaks Posts: 3592
thanks never thought of that! Would pc world do it? Is it mad expensive to get them to do it? Feeling brighter already thanks b2b O-O
stick Posts: 1229
D H2B said PC world do have a servive to do it. notsure of the price though. get a quote and see if there are any small PC shops in your area and get a quote from them. it should be ok i've my fingers crossed
streaks Posts: 3592
Thanx b2b will ring them tomorrow to see if they can do it.. Fingers and eyes crossed here ;o)
scoutf Posts: 667
Be careful of PC world and currys I've heard they can be painful to deal with. You might be better off dealing with a local small repair shop
Bluebear Posts: 1594
If your in the Dublin area theres a great computer repair place in Drumcondra- can't think of the name but its down a little side street just after where Bertie Ahern's clinic was/is (across the road from Fagan's pub). They managed to retrive my thesis when my laptop gave up the ghost. Staff were so helpful and didn't even charge me- think my distress was v obvious!
teapotty Posts: 2085
Also if you're in Dublin there's a place called Contact Solutions, Ravensdale Park, Kimmage- not far from Sundrive Superquinn. They recovered a load of photos on the hard drive of a laptop for me before- it was great. Basically it doesn't really matter if the computer is broken- they can take out the hard drive and [b:xjcrmz2k]try [/b:xjcrmz2k]to recover whatever was on it. It's probably €100 or more though but if there are also other things you'd like to recover like photos etc then it would be worth it.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
+1 - try a local/smaller P.C shop rather than the likes of Currys or PC World.
sligo42 Posts: 213
hi if you are anywhere near the Sligo area - i could help. you can take the hard disk out of the laptop - plug it into a cable (usb type) and plug into another pc and read the contents. i did this for my sis last year and managed to recover a lot of stuff. its a fairly simple procedure so don't let anyone quote you an enormous price. it takes about 5 mins to remove the hard disk from the laptop and if you have the correct cable - you just plug into another pc (like the usb memory keys) and read the contents. this all assumes that your hard disk isn't faulty but this too can also be recovered. there is software to do this. feel free to pm me if you need more details. :)