I'd love a boogie

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pluto Posts: 3893
Driving in this morning there was a great song on the radio and I just got the urge to get up and boogie. I haven't been dancing in ages :o( Can pregnant people go clubbing?? :-8 :o0
sally Posts: 1140
Of course.... do it while you still can. At my stage I would look like monica from friends when she was wearing her fat suit. Dont know when ill see the inside of a nightclub again.... ill prob be expecting a slow set whenever it happens. O-O (they are pints of orange juice of course)
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Have a boogie at home, my six year old son is my new boogie buddy! We have great craic in the living room esp to Rihanna's - Please don't stop the music! I'm sure baby is bopping around in there aswell :L Do miss going out with the girls but don't think I could listen to a bunch of people pissed as farts :L Next outing is my Christmas Party :o)ll
pluto Posts: 3893
That's gas Lily, coz that was the song that was actually on the radio this morning! :o0 Agree about being out with a crowd of drunk people. Plus I'd be afraid I'm get bumped or knocked. I might invite the girls around for a boogie in my living room! :o0
oirish Posts: 1541
oh i miss dancing so much !!!! Was out on saturday and there was an impromptu dancing session in front of the karoke machine but I felt so self concious dancing 100% sober and then the next day I had spotting (may have just been coicidence) so my hips are staying firmly in one place for the forseable future tho :( and I LOVE to dance.
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Thats a brilliant song, my fav at the mo, it would have you in great form, I'd say its great in a niteclub! Staying in is the new going out so download some songs and have the girls around, you would have a ball :o0