I do...want to out-do my friends?

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LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Ok brides and brides-to-be, apparently 6 in 10 of you want to out-do your friends in the wedding department, according to the Daily Mail! I think a lot of people feel their own wedding beats all others, as you're the star of the show so to speak. Then again, there was an interesting thread on WOL ages ago called something like "Wedding day was NOT the best day of my life" and many Wollies seemed to concur on that point...I guess everyone aims to have the best day possible, your choices and decisions are on display, it's important to consider if the guests are having a good time (or is it?) Link to article below, the Daily Mail Online also lists top 20 causes of stress for brides-to-be: TOP 20 CAUSES OF STRESS FOR BRIDES-TO-BE Unwanted wedding guests Bridesmaids complaining about dresses Negative comments about bride's choices Family politics due to step-parents Mother-in-law taking over Complaints about the seating plan Not enough help planning the wedding A disappointing hen-do A misbehaving best-man Photos being tagged on Facebook The bridesmaids putting on weight Pressure to look great in the dress Stories from the stag-do Looking her best in professional photographs Choosing food everyone will like Bad weather Bridesmaid outshining the bride Too many children coming to the wedding Wanting a better wedding than a friend's Not wanting guests to get bored Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Lorna Doone Posts: 737
All weddings are the same. I haven't really been to a better or worse one. There's nothing to compare really. The main thing, for me, is seeing my friends getting married. So, ceremony apart, I can take or leave the rest. I imagine it's much the same for most guests?
MummyBride2014 Posts: 464
I think everyone gets caught up with the 'something different' and that's a tough one. For me personally my 'something different' is the personal touches and personal choices, 'something different' is not available for purchase. Its been done so many times by others. As a Mum of two small people I have had some terrific days already, finding out I was pregnant for the first time, having a first born, following up with a son....I think if brides just understand that a wedding day is a magical day and one full of memories and stop putting pressure on themselves to make it 'THE BEST DAY EVER' they will find that it doesn't fall too short! Just my tuppence worth....
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
I just want everyone to have a good time (including myself!) I'm not concerned with outdoing anyone, I just want to look my best & have a ball.
Funwedding Posts: 190
I think there are only two of that I can see are stressing me from that list - getting food that everyone will like( seriously worried there) and a little worried that guest will be bored. I do not have any thoughts on outdoing my friends but at the same time I'm taking things I did not like from their weddings into account. Just like having a bar in the room and a smoking area off the room so the people stay in the wedding room. Most of the list seems ridiculous to even notice never mind stress about! How could a bridesmaid outshine the bride? In any case my H2B is all I want to shine for!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
Most weddings in Ireland, as Lorna Doone said, are the same. Especially church weddings, followed by a long drive, hotel, drinks reception, dinner, band, dj and bed. We had a very similar wedding (minus the church and long drive). And it works, because people know what to expect. And generally everyone has a good time. I don't understand why people have things like a caricaturist or a candy cart, but only give a glass of wine with dinner and don't provide food during the drinks reception. No one really remembers the Irish dancers or the sky lanterns, and long after my wedding no one remembers my dress, so I'm glad we spent most of our money on the food, drink and band to make our guests happy.