I don't want a wedding!!!

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bluesky Posts: 143
What is the answer? We are getting married next year, but a 'wedding' is not what I want. We really want to have a party for all our friends and family after a very small, casual ceremony in the same venue. Have been sussing out places and were looking at one place (not a hotel), but they cant accomodate the numbers. Had to go down the hotel route, and its not sitting easily with me. I feel like Im falling into the wedding trap, when all thats really needed is some food, drink and a dance. Not a sit down dinner, just a buffet of BBQ or something. Please any suggestions would be most welcome! Don't want our guests to feel hard done by either by not giving them a big sit down meal, so whats the answer??!!! Also trying to come up with the ideal solution for people so they have somewhere to stay if neeed. So hard to get it right.
Babylou Posts: 724
My cousin hired a restaurant for his, my parents went and said it was lovely. :wv
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
You can tailor make the wedding you want don't worry. You don't have to fall into any 'wedding trap'.. It depends on what part of the country you are in but I know of afew people who have opted for a smaller, simple service and a meal at lovely restaurant. One in particular people still talk about because her family are very musical so they had a great sing song and session instead of a band. So personal and people really did feel part of a lovely day along with the couple. Coolbawn Quay, Co. Tipperary could be great. My sister had her wedding there and it really was fab. It's not like a traditional hotel, guests stay in guesthouses/chalets. They put on a bbq at my sisters and it was great strolling around the marina afterwards. Just a great relaxed atmosphere
angelique Posts: 99
where are you based? Fallon & Byrne in Dublin can cater for at lease 120 and do buffets for about 30 a head
lovelyb2b Posts: 733
Hi What part of the country are u in or where are u looking for???If we knew this maybe some WOLS could suggest a couple of places. But don't worry you'll get somewhere honestly. :wv
mrsb09 Posts: 1292
is it just sitting down your against as there are plenty of hotels accomodating couples with buffet type food more so for budgets than anything. or if you live or have family in country marquees are very popular and again go for the buffet style
monkeybear Posts: 1926
one of the best weddings i was at was held in H2Bs family garden, they have a long big garden, his dad has a workshop down the back and opened it up so a band could play on a make shift stage, they were brilliant. there was a spit roast pig and bbq saussages burgers etc and then H2Bs aunties all made nibbles it was so much fun. do you know anybody with a decent sized garden? only immediate family went to the ceremony and we were all there to help celebrate, you could do something similar oh and they laid hay bailes out around the edge of the garden for seating, sounds like a barn dance but it really wasnt as hick as it sounds