I feel so guilty.

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winterbride 06 Posts: 246
I am just back from lunch with a very good friend of mine, I am sitting there with my big pregnant belly and my friend is pouring her heart out about how herself and her DH are considering giving up on TTC, they have been trying now for 4 years and its just chipping away at them, she has such a good personality but lately she is very down and now her husband is getting down too. I know she does not resent us having a baby one bit and is genuinely happy for us but I know how much she wants it. I just wish it would happen for her. What advise can I offer or what can I say to her when I don’t know what she is going through. It just makes me sad and angry thinking about her and how unfair it is.
Topolino Posts: 1659
I really don't know what to say or what you could say to your friend. Have you tried posting this in the TTC forum? I'm sure the girls there could give you some good advice.
winterbride 06 Posts: 246
Oh I don’t think there is much I can say when I don’t know what she is going through, I just feel so bad for them, life can be so unfair sometimes. :o(
fantac Posts: 4109
hi winterbride - we have a similar situation within the family. its so hard isn't it, we are so happy for us, but at the same time feel almost guilty at the heartache they are going through and hoping that we are not ading to it. i really really don't know how to handle it - if anyone gives you amazing advice, please pass it on....
molls Posts: 149
Winterbride, you're obviously doing and saying the right things already if your friend feels comfortable discussing this with you - so well done. There's not much else you can do except listen and allow her a bit of space during those times when dealing with pregnant women/or new babies is too much for her.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi there, would you consider asking your friend and her husband to be godparents to your baby?
winterbride 06 Posts: 246
I don’t think I would ask them to be Godparents. They have their own nieces and nephews and I know that when they were asked to stand for them she thought it was only because people felt sorry for them. I know anyway that she would say no as I have lots of siblings who would want to stand for the baby and my friend would encourage to go with them as godparents.