i fell- should i get checked

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mumsy2 Posts: 62
nearly 11 weeks pregnant and today while putting putting ds baby bath into storeage i slipped on some water that trickled out of it. i landed on my bum with my leg underneath me and put and strained my left arm a bit to break the fall.. just wondering will i be ok or should i get checked. my 12 week scan isn't until next thurs. have i done harm to my baby- could this cause me to miscarry- if i do i'll never forgive myself.
Salander Posts: 1639
i fell last week too and im 26 weeks and all is fine. the baby is well insulated in there but if you are worried ring your gp and talk to them they may arrange an early scan if they think its needed! you get an awful fright though! but don't be feeling guilty it was an accident its not like you were paragliding or something!
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Mumsy, I wouldn't have a clue medically - I fell A LOT during my first few months, no balance and it all came down for peace of mind with me. In other words if you're worried don't think twice about getting it checked out.
wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Hi, I would to be on the safe side. Sure everything is fine. BTW - how is work going now for you??
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
You poor thing, hope you're ok :xxx Babs will be fine, but ring your doc for some peace of mind if you want. Stressing will do you no good at all. Talk soon x
wollysocks Posts: 1773
hi, I dont know if you know your blood type- I only found out today that mine is negative- apparently no probs at all except possibly if the baby's blood is positive- and of course they wont know until the baby is born what is its blood type- again it's not a prob but I was told if I fall at all-even on my bum- or suffer any trauma to the bump to go to the a+e to get an injection- its just in case the baby has positive blood type and it mixes with my negative blood type- there will be no problem with this pregnancy but if I was to get pregnant again, there might be issues...it's no big deal they told me...it might not even be an issue for you- if you're positive blood type....anyway- just learned this today and I'm 23 weeks gone so....I think perhaps if you contact your gp just to put your mind at rest...good luck and I hope I haven't alarmed you