I got my dress!

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HippyChic Posts: 1812
Okay, you might think I'm mad but...my Mam lives in Spain, works in a little shop there and she was off work the last 2 months as she was here. Well, she went back into work yesterday for the first time and the ladies pulled her aside and showed her something that had come in...a wedding dress! They knew that I'd gotten engaged (bloody facebook, nothing's a surprise anymore :o0 ). So she took the dress back to her apartment and took a few photos, sent them to me this morning asking what I thought and I decided f*ck it, the price is amazing and the dress looks lovely so even if it doesn't fit when I get it (not until Christmas!) or if I don't like it on well then I can sell it and I'll still have 10 months to find another dress! So here you go, in all its glory on the Mammy's bed in sunny Spain...my lovely wedding dress! [img:2m4e21ed]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Lv2wnshsI4w/TzT4ACCvhjI/AAAAAAAABnI/Gyv44hM9AJQ/s800/photo-8.JPG[/img:2m4e21ed]
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
ah it looks beautiful!! Very princessy... Congratulations!!
Buttonnose Posts: 477
Beautiful! Bet you can't wait to try it on. Sure I've got my dress hanging up in the parent's house so I can't judge! :o0
Jawl Posts: 8881
OMG, get it courier'd to you, I wouldn't be able to wait to try it on :o0 Well wear!
butters stotch Posts: 107
[quote="Jawl":t0ttgoep]OMG, get it courier'd to you, I wouldn't be able to wait to try it on :o0[/quote:t0ttgoep] +1 get it shipped over :o)ll Looks fab :)
HippyChic Posts: 1812
Thanks girls - I'm actually grand about not seeing it 'til December, sure I'll still have 10 months to get alterations done (or pick up something else if it's awful on). If anyone is out visiting Mum in the meantime she might send it back but I'd prefer if she didn't - I'd have to keep it here and I'd be wearing it every day :o0 It IS very princess-y which is exactly the type of dress I swore I'd never get but sure I only get to wear a flouncy dress once in my life, might as well make the most of it :o0