I got my shoe shoes!!

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WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Yey i'm so happy...was moping around at lunch and found MY shoes, so i ordered them there and then. Please let me know what ye think! There's a 3.5cm heel which is okay but as i'm 6ft, i don't wanna think about it..the poor groom will be about 3" smaller than me!! [url:2obodzwn]http://www.gabriellaandlucido.co.uk/pages/shoe_adora.html[/url:2obodzwn][/url] Do you think €150 is a bit excessive for these? They are perfect and look expensive/classy.
wasy Posts: 453
They are v pretty nd perfect if ur a tall girl Yay still looking for mine cant decide if will go mad or get more traditional pair but its fun trying em on
aylala Posts: 3673
They are lovley Bridey :lvs
Dublin Girl Posts: 109
yes they look fab, absolutley gorgeous still also looking for mine
mcd08 Posts: 425
they are expensive - but they are lovely and dont look to have too high a heel which sounds good! As long as you love them which it sounds like you do!
goingmad Posts: 657
That's very good! I paid €275 for mine! [img:348vplir]http://www.girlsofelegance.co.uk/acatalog/BLONDELL.JPG[/img:348vplir]