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PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
It's probably the hormones, but god, people's responses to us telling them about this pregnancy have been really annoying me! I wasn't aware that people I haven't seen in months and even practical strangers were on womb watch, but they all "had suspicions". Why?? Because DD is more than 12 hours old???? Thank God I was pregnant at our wedding or ye'd have been expecting an announcement before we got back from honeymoon! >:o( And in spite of there being a good 85% or so of my life that I don't have a drink in my hand, it seems my reputation is that of a total dipso so not drinking even one night means I have to be pregnant. :hic Can you not just say "congratulations, delighted for you" and leave it at that???
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
O:| O:| This is the exact reaction I am expecting from people when we tell them. O:| O:| So annoying!
Twirl Posts: 5598
I hear ya. One friend said to me when i told her, well i thought it would have been before this. I expected it last year :eek I have to laugh at people, and there was me trying to justify it by saying well we wanted a year to ourselves. Instead of saying nothing like i should have done.
bellababy Posts: 72
I think maybe it could be a bit of an overreaction on your part as I think people just say these things as a thing to say, when all they should say is Congrats!! Hope you getting over the worst of the sickness now and of course congratulations!!
Finallymum Posts: 485
I had a few people say funny things like 'oh I knew....cause of the way you sat down on the couch..'??? has to be the funniest, or '...cause you said feck it I'll have both' when deciding whether to eat a cupcake/biscuits.......I know I've probably said something like 'I had a feeling you might be' but for the most part I just say 'oh congrats'........ Whats worse is people trying to out you when your only a few weeks, that happened me in front of a table of friends on a night out, one of them asked how come I was still drinking the same beer (I'd ordered one but was only sipping it) and was there something I wanted to tell them???? Could have swung for this girl tbh! I think we all are a bit hormonal when pregnant so things people say get on our nerves more but try not to think about it, its not worth stressing over - I think we all do it sometimes without thinking! A bit of foot in mouth syndrome!!
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I'm glad I'm not the only one it annoys! It's only some people though - two in particular who are very close family members, came out with the drinking thing before even saying congratulations >:o( I managed to bite my tongue, but only just. I'm gaining even more sympathy for friends who for whatever reason don't have children yet and are always getting asked about it.
happy mummy Posts: 424
Those reactions are a bit crap alright, especially when you're just expecting people to say "Oh congrats, I'm so happy for you" etc etc. Had a few people say things like that to me - you'd swear I was a raging alcoholic or something!! We also kept getting asked was I pregnant on our wedding day! O:| Are you stupid or what?! Do the maths and besides, what bloody difference would it have made if I was!! The worst reaction I got though was from the other end of the spectrum. One of my closest friends accused me of getting pregnant "to spite" her cause I knew how much she wanted a baby! Needless to say we don't speak much any more!!
temperence Posts: 136
Luckily I got the opposite "Are you sure?" "God you'd never know" but the same people asked me out straight in front of other people over Christmas. I'd never ever ask anyone out straight if they were pregnant especially in front of people!
Emme Posts: 4735
My sister was out of the country when I conceived and was still out when I told her and she still said 'ah I knew well' and I pulled her up on it she was still like 'no I knew you were pregnant' and I'm like 'but the last time you saw me I wasn't' and she was like 'ah you might not have known it but I did' O:| O:| O:| My mothers reaction when I told her I was pg with DS is still the best, 'Are you on acid'? Thank you mid morning TV!
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I just told my friends at work, and one of them said to another girl that she had guessed... When she was asked how she had guessed, the reply was because I told her I wouldn't be drinking for the next few months....eh, yes love that was me breaking the news to you, not you guessing you thick!! And the same one seems to not believe me when I say I am not sick, she asks how I am feeling every time she sees me O:| We have had some lovely reactions though, genuine delight for us, these outweigh the idiotic responses, but it is still annoying to have people say they knew. Funny, none of them had a clue that I wasn't drinking at the Christmas party..