I hate ALL pics of me

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wedjul05 Posts: 5673
Wedding pics - yuck. Cannot really stand to look at them. Pics of me with the kids, no make-up/make-up....0 difference. I think I can safely say I hate all pics of me. ALL of them. my face is always red in them even when it isn't in real life. I suffered with bad acne when I was a teenager and this has really affected my skin tone. This seems to be highlighted in pics of me. I look fat in them when I'm not in real life. Yes I've about 1 stone to lose but I'm 5ft8 so the weight is well distributed :o0 It's mostly in my tummy and a small part in my face. BUt I just look fat in all pics. Well to me anyway. I envy other people who can look fab in pics. I really do. Is anyone else like me or am I very much alone and very sad? :o( :o0
Rogue User Posts: 6101
I have very few pics that I like. Usually ones where you can't see my face fully. I hate getting my pic taken and always panic and end up looking awful. Even if I don't panic I still look awful. My wedding pics were a welcome surprise - I asked the photographer to take no posed shots and that took huge pressure off me. I liked quite a lot of my wedding snaps.
Bride2be040812 Posts: 1182
I am the same.. It's rare that I find a pic of myself that I actually like. I am dreading having to pose for wedding photos!!! I used to have a gap between my front teeth (thankfully veneers have fixed that!) and that meant I never opened my mouth to smile in photos. Now that they are fixed I have kind of forgotten how to smile properly...Think Chandler in Friends when Monica was bringing them to their engagement announcement photo shoot. I look like I am constipated and in pain!
highbeam Posts: 2578
I often feel the same. I only like when I have make up all done as my skin tone is so uneven. Im so jealous of friends with great skin. At the minute I am trying to lose about a stone as there is no way I want my wedding pics with me looking as I do. Also feel like my hair just never looks right anymore no matter what I do. I never minded being in photos when I was younger and skinnier. But I do think we are way more critical of pics of ourselves then of other people.
skybusgirl Posts: 518
I don't you are alone OP, most people hate photos of themselve. I always think I look like a gigantic monster in mine, am 5'9 with all 5'1 or '2 friends. I dread wtih when tag me on photos on facebook and will always quickly delete the tag if I am not happy with it. it was a certain pic of me that spurred me onto lose weight. I have found over the years the best way to photos for a photo is to put hand on hip, stick on leg out slightly so your body is at an angle and always try have the camera above your face looking down. If you are conscious about your skin, I always use camoflage (SIC) on a varicose vein I am very conscious off and its great. you can see nothing underneath it, estee lauder is the one I go for.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
I'm the opposite BOR - I need to pose to look good in photos. Any ones where I'm caught unawares I have a terrible face on me, no smile, just look awful. But if I know I'm having a picture taken, I can give a grin and look ok. We had a mixture of both posed and casual shots for our wedding and thankfully in the casual shots they're not of my face! Just say the back of me and husband on the altar or whatever. My fave photos of me from the wedding is where I know the photo is being taken and I'm smiling. OP - why not try practising some poses in the mirror? Learn what looks good for you, which side of your face/body is better, what poses make you look worse or show off a less-than-perfect feature? So then when you're having your photo taken you'll know to look up/down, turn your face to the left/right, lips open or closed...that sort of thing, you know? Also - we are all our harshest critics and see imperfections where there are none. I'm sure you are beautiful so don't be too hard on y ourself.
HippyChic Posts: 1812
I prefer to be behind the camera, not in front of it. H2B is astonishingly photogenic and I'm so jealous :o0 Dreading the wedding photos but sure all I can do is bite the bullet and hope there's a few decent ones in the pack!
R2theB Posts: 1660
Have been told I'm very photogenic and used to love posing and having fun with the camera when I was younger (lol, nothing dodgy, but I was the person who'd throw myself in to all the photos when I was p!ssed). The older I get though the more uncomfortable I've become, I used to be a total skinny minnie and I'm not at all anymore, I think this is a huge part of it, I look at a lot of pics now and feel like crying cos I think I look so massive (5'11' and a size 14, I'm basically a [b:66hwomc2]giant[/b:66hwomc2] in comparison to my friends and pretty much the same size as OH). I don't mind close-up photos of my face all that much, in fact I'm very happy with how that looks, but I hate my body and try my best to avoid having a full length photo taken. Friends and family tell me I'm mad, psychologist sister actually thinks I have body dysmorphic disorder and should get counselling, but that's how I see myself unfortunately. All that said, I really don't know anyone who loves photos of themselves, I pulled out a pic of OH the other day and said I thought he looked gorgeous in it and he was like "ugh look at my fat head and I look about 90 yrs old!!"... :o0