I HATE our wedding invitations!!

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nelle Posts: 552
I suppose this is more of a vent than anything... We ordered our invitations online and got them today. I wanted something simple and classy. But they've just turned out to be simple and plain. I keep comparing them to others we recieved in the past and they just don't compare at all. I'm so disappointed!! OH thinks they're 'grand'. We can't afford to spend any more on invites anyway- new, different ones are just not an option. Just gonna have to put up with what I think are crap invitations and hope that the rest of the wedding doesn't turn out the same. :babydust: :o(
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Could you jazz them up with diamantes or ribbon?? If you want you could post up a pic and someone here will tell you what u could do. Done wollies are so creative!!
Mrs2014 Posts: 151
I know it's a disappointment, and maybe you could jazz them up as awkwardannie said. But remember they're just invitations, feel annoyed for a bit, then let it go :) And if it makes you feel better, we've received glammed up invites before, and I think they often look a bit tacky more than anything! Plain, simple and to the point can be nice too :-8 Send them off asap so you don't have to look and them and worry anymore haha! Best of luck O-O
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
[quote="AwkwardAnnie":1joy9s2f]Could you jazz them up with diamantes or ribbon?? If you want you could post up a pic and someone here will tell you what u could do. Done wollies are so creative!![/quote:1joy9s2f] Simple and plain can equal simple and classy! Or can u find a craft shop to get some bits and pieces to jazz em up! At the moment my invites are the be all and end all, but as my FMIL likes to keep reminding me they are only small things and nobody will really remember them!!
Waltzing Matilda Posts: 68
Personally I love plain and simple invitations - I think they look elegant. Sometimes too much ribbon or too many diamontes just seems like overkill. Simple doesn't mean boring! Also when you're right in the middle of the wedding preparations you can sometimes overthink things! If you received the invite from a friend would you think maybe that it was refreshingly simple and elegant and a nice change?
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
I remember getting an invite from my cousin thinking it was lovely, was talking to her after and she hated said it was her biggest regret. So there is always going to be someone who loves or hates them and in fairness it is a very minor thing. I agree with awkward Annie maybe post a pic and we can advise to what you can do or if anything needs doing at all :action32
moobertson Posts: 470
The same thing happened to me! I ordered my invites from vistaprint as I didnt want to spend much money on them but when they came I just thought I cannot send them out. I ended up going to a local craft shop and added ribbon and card. The compliments I got were amazing. I now make wedding invitations. If you want to PM me a picture I could give you suggestions about how you might be able to improve your invitations for very little money!
nelle Posts: 552
Thanks for the advice girls - and for the ear. Won't put it up cos I don't know how to blank out the details on the photo. Showed it to 2 of my bms and they thought they were actually lovely, just thought that they needed a little bow or something at the top, that they were just missing that 'little something'. So gonna try that. And, truth be told, I'm not as down on them as I was last night - just needed to take a breath after a bit of a stressful day I think. Thanks again girls!!! :wv
chicabride Posts: 453
Nelle...when Mine came even though I loved them I jizzes them up with a little purple jem sticker...just stuck in the right place it made them look more luxurious...something so simple will change the whole look...and dont forget less is more!
clairemc29 Posts: 86
I hated my invitations too when they arrived because like you I also thought they were too plain and they actually looked slightly wider than the picture on the internet.. When we were ordering them I didnt want to spend a fortune because I'm not really into fancy invitations and to be honest I usually throw them in the drawer when I receive them from other people. I was gonna jazz mine up but decided to just send them out and be done with them. They were plain and simple and to the point and as someone else just said no one really remembers the invitations after the wedding! I dont think you have to spend a fortune on them or that they have to be too fancy, the purpose of them is to let others know about the details of the day so just send them out and forget about them!! :)