I have a bad cold. Anything I can take?

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Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Hi everyone I have a bad cold and just wondering what I can take for it. I'm 20 weeks gone. Thanks a million. Dipsy80
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
If you have a fever or headache or any kind of pain, you can take Panadol. When I had a cold, I stuck to honey and lemon and it seemed to shake it. Hope you feel better soon!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'm the same dipsy! DD got it Friday night and by yesterday evening I felt like sh1te! Stuffed up head is the worst of it! I've been using dd's karvol at night and taking paracetemol every couple of hours. If you are taking panadol make sure there's no asprin in them. I think the ones by the makers of disprin have asprin? I could be wrong though. I just stick to the plain old paracetemol! Not sure there's much else you can take bar the honey and lemon in hot water?
MrsVanDeKamp Posts: 628
Bog standard paracetamol or panadol in the blue box, none of those cold and flu or actifast ones. You can also take lemsip, just the honey and lemon version again though. For the stuffed up head you could use the vicks inhaler, other then that I find fresh honey and lemon the best cure. Take care of yourself.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Thanks a million girls. My dd was taken away for a fortnight by my parents this morning and I've been in bed all day sleeping on and off. Badly needed the sleep and the cold is just making it worse. I have paracetamol in the house and leimsip (not sure which one) so I'll just try them if I can have the leimsip I have downstairs. Have my consultant visit tomorrow.
Martiespride Posts: 997
I have it too, feeling sooo pooo. DH and Lo have it too.
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Yeah DH and DD have it too. Just wondering can I use Vicks vaporub? Found some here in the house.
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
Dipsy80 I'm sure you can! At least I hope you can since I was smothered in it last night going to bed! It doesn't say anything on the jar but I don't have the box or leaflet!
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Yeah I have the jar too with no box or leaflet. lol
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
Just to let you know. I rang the Coombe and Vicks vaporub is ok to use. Have covered myself in it and am eating airwaves to clear my nose. lol