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*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Well, I don't know if anyone copped it or not, but someone has set up a Bebo page dedicated to me....in all my orangeness!!! The dopey slag couldn't even get my name right though, but just in case you see it, its under [b:2ywdvnix](edited)[/b:2ywdvnix], and think its me....it aint. According to this tramp, I[i:2ywdvnix] love Shania Twain and Peter Andre because they are slightly above my intelligence level [/i:2ywdvnix] (eh...how random is that?) [i:2ywdvnix]My favourite film is Clockwork Orange because of my orange hair and orange skin[/i:2ywdvnix] :o0 [i:2ywdvnix]Also, I'm happiest when I have a go at people and generally being adored [/i:2ywdvnix](get me :-8 ) [i:2ywdvnix]by my fan club who only really hang out with me cos they are scared I'll turn on them.[/i:2ywdvnix] I reckon I know who it is though, and she knows it too, and I reckon you lot know who she is too. Silly cow, if only she knew the stuff we know about her, and I'll make it my DUTY to make sure everyone else knows too. Sorry.....edited to say: I've reported it to Bebo and asked them to remove the membership, the fact that they mentioned my Daughter on the page makes me sick, and I'm getting the I.P number from them, I'll be asking Fiona to check the I.P number against the members on here. And if it is who I reckon it is, your forgetting that you have posted your Bebo page on here, and I'll be in touch.
Mrs Ram Posts: 1705
well youve well and truly made it as a celeb now muffer, ps did u get my pm,
over it Posts: 2779
No way! :ooh There are some serious freaks out there! Whatever about having a grudge against you but mentioning your daughter is unacceptable >:o(
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
oh my god did why would some one do that :eek :eek You are right to report it though Muffinm especially if they mentioned your daughter that is totally bang out of order >:o( Does the person that you think it is have a grudge against you?
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Well, if its who I think it is, they probably do have a grudge, but that was their own making not mine.
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
somone from here thats nuts!! why?
*Muffin* Posts: 7243
Its not hard to work out Peasy, they said I'm worried about being exposed as a fraud..... (Do they think I'm a man or wha?) Don't you recall something similar not too long ago?
Mrs Ram Posts: 1705
you should be a detective!!
Dcd Posts: 1471
Janey that's mental MuffinM! There are some serious psychos out there I tell ya!
rahenyb2b Posts: 24
ok im lost, can anyone fill me in, y wud um1 do this 2u or think ur a fraud?????????????/