I hope we get snowed in tonight!

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Joleigh Posts: 4242
My boss let me go 30mins early from work today and it took me 45 mins to do my usual 15min drive home. Roads were lethal. Its to snow all night in Dublin so I'm hoping we wake up to a foot or 2 of snow tomorrow then I'll just have to stay in bed!! :o0
Joleigh Posts: 4242
I think people are being careful enough, 15mph was the fastest I was able to go driving home. Although if it freezes over tonight roads will be twice as lethal.
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
Am at home today due to the weather and now it's snowing again. Yippee!! People are still driving very fast as I can see them from my window on the N81 - driving at over 50kph. Mental traffic on it last night from 5pm till past midnight.